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16:59Blake VS Mikasa w/ Commentary
Blake VS Mikasa w/ Commentary意见 21K17 小时 前
19:39Heihachi VS Geese w/ Commentary
2:21Doctor Doom Rules DEATH BATTLE!
Doctor Doom Rules DEATH BATTLE!意见 147K个月 前
3:05Lex Luthor CEOwns DEATH BATTLE!
Lex Luthor CEOwns DEATH BATTLE!意见 159K个月 前
19:41Shadow VS Ryuko w/ Commentary
Shadow VS Ryuko w/ Commentary意见 45K个月 前
17:58Yoda VS King Mickey w/ Commentary
3:49Trusts in DEATH BATTLE Yoda Does!
Trusts in DEATH BATTLE Yoda Does!意见 247K2 个月 前


  • AOT fans, if death battle made a RWBY character beat Tifa Lockhart (who helps Cloud defeat planet destroying deity named Sephiroth), don't cry that Mikasa lost.

  • For all the other sonic fans including me they only made this cause they want the mario fans happy thats why he won

  • Idk if this is true but it could be posible that mob only let out enough energy so hes body wouldnt be overloaded and not every drop of his power right? Or did i miss them or u say he used all of hes energy, either way if that whas the case it would have been possible for him to lose having like 400 power compared to tatsumakis 430 anyways, but what do i know

  • Monroe VS Chewbacca (Grimm VS Star Wars) Justin William VS Doctor Strange (Magic for Human VS Marvel) Yes, I am fully serious about both of these fights and would love to see either one.

  • Oh but Obiwan beat Kakashi because the force was "unlimited" 😉

  • Yey again, if it were dmc5 dante it would be a quick match

  • Why does Zarathos sound like a pill

  • SPOILER 15:44-Like I said… AoT is overhyped

  • Don't get wrong I don't hate Mewtwo. I want Shadow to Win.

  • I think Deadpool meant rewrite the sequels trilogy 🤢🤮

  • Nice


  • Isn't Vader's suit invincible to Lava?

  • “Mediocre dance tracks” I wanna be a hippie is a banger

  • 10 years.. wow...

  • You know... i am at the point where guy isnt even using hes gates who would make him like 50 times as powerfull at gate 6 or something and is still holding hes own like whas almight holding back

  • Dragonball movie announced for 2022. Toriyama will be heavily involved in it but that's all that's bein' said :U

  • They should really bring spawn back 👀

  • Great animation. Not really a fair fight for poor Mikasa. Fun though!

  • The battle that destroyed /co/

  • Lately these have been feeling more and more mismatched

  • but he didnt even take off his inhibitor rings

  • Cell can beat the hulk and he is not as strong as broly

  • do batman vs daredevil

  • Am i the only one who hates the animated sections

  • I’m so happy that you used they/them pronouns for crona🥰

  • "Think, Digimon fans, think!" "You're letting Sean waste years of your precious lives by talking to him, go get a life already, stop."

    • @MichaeL Letherman It Takes Me Under A Minute To Write A Comment Here.

    • How long do you think it takes to mock him?

  • If yang whas fighting without her explodeing wapons she would be useless, in the anime when she had no wapon she couldnt even handle one of those beasts so i dont think yang could pick up a car atleast without wapon

  • You could say that Samus blew Boba Fett's head off "sky high".

  • They dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokemon/Ultimate Lifeform... and they succeeded.

  • Anyone making comments about Boba Fett's return in the Mandalorian need to check the upload date for this Death Battle. It clearly states February 26, 2015. The Mandalorian was rather recent.

  • Hey guys, could you do Omniman vs Metro-man?

  • Firelord Ozai vs Endeavor

  • Tara's real voice is so deep, mature, and womanly.

  • Actually I have some suggestions besides omni man v all might such as atom from real steal v bay max from big hero 6

  • This was stupid why you putting an overpowered character versus an underpower character. The matchmaking was terrible in this one

  • This Battleship is about to explode fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Capcom Vs Snk 2 reference)

  • Just one thing. In gen 1 fire pokemon are also weak to ice. Not that it's matter in this battle

  • It’s flipping mutant jesus

  • What a curb stop 😤

  • What have guys done?! He will now appear in your nightmares

  • You know what I want to see for the future of dragon ball? A good story that starts off with the dragon balls being over used and shenron grants one last final wish to the new villain. A wish that raises the stakes so high that all the Z fighters have to learn from their mistakes and stop repeating the same bs decisions that get everyone killed. A movie where the characters are forced to live with the consequences of their mistakes, instead of fixing all their problems with the dragon balls, a story where they actually have to live with themselves and improve themselves as better people / characters. The point of a good story is to see heroes fall and see them raise back up to face their challenger. By using a new tactic, by using a method like finding a mystical sword that can kill someone when all other methods fell. I would love to see goku and other characters improve. Instead of someone like goku giving his enemy a chance to escape or power up endlessly or give them a healing bean goku actually kills the villain. Instead of the Z warriors always resorting to brute force or punch someone harder by fusion or spirit bomb they actually they have to figure out the enemy's weaknesses. Instead of the Z fighters always getting saved by beerus or whis or Zeno or some other deus ex machina, I want to see a story where the z fighters have to save themselves and be put in a situation where it seems like all hope is lost to where even beings like Zeno and grand priest can be killed.

  • Wo wants a five robot versus battle? Iron man vs Optimus prime vs gundam vs Terminator vs robocop The battle of the Robots Lol

  • homelander vs omni man when

  • Dio should have won.

  • This could use a remaster....

  • HALO > DOOM don't @ me suckers

  • I think Dracula wanted revenge for what Ganon did to Bowser.😁

  • ¿Alternative Ending for Red hood?

  • This is the only anime vs cartoon match we have so far

  • Who wants attack on titan vs my hero academie? Who wins?

  • I know im late but yang wouldn't still make jokes with her opponent after they mess with the hair

  • My moneys on the one voiced by Phil Lamar

  • I like how silver samurai got crushed by Satan at the end

  • Mikasa: All civilians need to evacuate! Blake: Leave me alone! Mikasa: I guess I have to mercy kill someone.

  • oni act like a jojo character :V even tho i dislike jojo

  • I’m pretty sure kakashi is more smarter than that and would of made another clone🤔

  • Death Battle Idea: Jack Sparrow vs Edward Kenway Pirates of the Caribbean vs Assassin’s Creed

  • akuma has won by kicking zaraki soo far zaraki cant come back to finish the battle xd

  • Here's a real death race! General lee vs smokey and the bandit, Kitt from knight rider, and last but not least the pursuit special from mad max.

  • Kirby: alright! Now zelgius and Dr wily if you defeat sephiroth, or I will put you in super smash Brothers ultimate dlc fighter pass 2. Bass: go kick his a** wily Vaati: zelgius remember what Kirby said. Dr wily: aww yeah Zelgius: I'm gonna be in smash

  • I have no words.... I mean the existence of alien X is to bend reality and be a *LITERAL* *ALMIGHTY*

  • o canal shadow bowsette não gosto

  • They are using info that has been debunked in the literally series.....yet y'all still take DB seriously? Couldn't be me

  • eu gostei do video porque eu não gosto de shadow bowsette

  • wasnt even fair fight mikasa just have an gear and she had an magic powers well like u trash *death battle* kids makeing so bad cotenct

  • gostei

  • Day 7 of borderlands 2 Krieg vs tf2 pyro

  • You guys better do something it's about to be some arguments Omni vs super 😲😂😎

  • rematch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boo this wasn't even supposed to be this close lol

  • Super man is a loser

  • Grif accomplished the one thing sarge could never do Punch Tex

  • So another mis-matched fight with one person having the clear advantage. Maybe 10 years is too long, you're obviously running out of good match ups

  • Godzilla vs Cloverfield


  • Be honest, we were all counting the seconds til that knife fight

  • Omni man vs home lander

  • Okay, but now add Cosmic Armor Superman so we get the actual winner.

  • Should do a Death Battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Gon Freecss