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4:54Reacting to the FaZe Jarvis Knockout
16:35Would You Do This For $10,000?
Would You Do This For $10,000?意见 1.2M个月 前
14:16My TESLA Controls My Life For 24 Hours!
16:57I Ate A $10,000 Golden Burger
I Ate A $10,000 Golden Burger意见 1.7M个月 前
9:34I'm Moving Away... (not a prank)
I'm Moving Away... (not a prank)意见 709K2 个月 前
10:56Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert
10:42If You Beat FaZe Jarvis You Win $10,000
10:19Asking Billionaires For a Free House


  • Put play speed at 0.5 at 2:30. You will see a gorilla 🦍

  • Why isnt anyone talking about why the fuck did teawap leak the st of faze house

  • Hes not the only one strong man in this world

  • ik its hot but you guy should check out Arizona

  • Kay:There’s a bathroom!(then looks surprised)am I the only one that thinks thats weird

  • no

  • *me who lives in london* dam...

  • Bruh They Shouldve Played Arena

  • Dude that is sick

  • No I don’t think they should move there no one has privacy there all together

  • Soo not halah mood

  • Ye

  • They b capin

  • 7:11 Guy chilling trying to flex edits: *sees some guy heading right for him and knowing hes about to die*

  • John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

  • Mystery juice Whatever juice is left in the fridge How many times did they say bro in this video lol

  • It’s ok tewap

  • Wait when Jarvis shot under the table is was 🧴

  • "The new faze house"

  • Anybody else see the gorilla doing 360s

  • Big chungas is In the video

  • RIP no face reavel

  • That's a hotdogs 🌭not a salad

  • Nobody notice the bear?

  • I almost cried watching that fight like if u did

  • No fucking way this video was lit that prob fucking lit up his day

  • I just realized that the bully looks like AnEsonGib

  • Blur the car signs

  • i wish i got big like u kay

  • is the first guy that came to see them the bully and the nerd from the library?

  • tewap, imma pla it safe me, you just risked it 10 times

  • Your 1-0 your not that guy pal

  • Jarvis brother in a fight

  • Who ever disliked this video is a simp for summer Rae

  • I'm from India, Nikon is right the door is from India

  • Michael Le lost contact with his eyes

  • Harry

  • Damn no

  • At least we got a voice reveal

  • It’s a normal house dude

  • YES

  • Oh sheeesh he doing the chase

  • I will for ever appreciate the effort of *Justin_techz* on Instagram, he fixed mine..

  • I will for ever appreciate the effort of *Justin_techz* on Instagram, he fixed mine..

  • I will for ever appreciate the effort of *Justin_techz* on Instagram, he fixed mine..

  • i dont like justin beaber becase he left selina but that ant justin

  • im so happy ur in uk again like just stay there bruv

  • Stay in Vegas


  • Nobody teawap "I mean she is load lets be honest"

  • Part 2

  • 8:18

  • Yo you are in uk sheeeesh!!

  • Im so happy for Jarvis ❤

  • who else here in 2021

  • 7:12

  • 6:24

  • KSI and Deji Reunite, and FaZe Jarvis and his family reunite this is legendary👍👌👌

  • 5:32

  • You didn’t get typical gamer

  • 4:45

  • 4:15

  • 1:09

  • Tbh I don’t like the faze crew think it’s bunch of bollocks but hats off to him he got heart in the ring this was more entertaining then floyd n whatever his name is 😂😂😂 n his brother clearly wants his brother to succeed

  • The hair is back haha

  • 6:07

  • Sweet

  • 6:00

  • the cliffhanger tho at least we know his voice lol...

  • 5:47

  • Well done nice one !

  • 5:27

  • bruh im waiting 20 minute and jarvis dad says “no” bruhhh

  • Fraizer: can I show ur face Fans: Less goooo finally Dad:Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....NO


  • 1:50

  • LES GO

  • Move to Miami

  • “We made metal monsters”

  • I thought they were homeless