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  • 大家一起支持R1SE成员吧,不理他们解散团体 大家都一起支持他们每个成员吧

  • Very good Zhou Chen

  • Did 14th Prince and Jing xin wished each other with DOG LEASHES?

  • This is funny episode

  • Ok wow, this definitely got me.

  • 这俩人发型脸型咋都这么像呢

  • I love this drama and I think it's fun and cute.


  • 三个封号斗罗的武魂融合技会怎么样。 要逆天了

  • I am afraid that Mr. Gu will die 😢

  • Tauichuu like yan ke in First romance..

  • It's already been 2 years and untamed iis still my daily dose whenever I am sad angry moody it can really change my mood into happy 💜 Bestestttt drama ever💙


  • Santa's sister tho that's talent right there

  • When you are going to post all the eps?? Disgusting!!making us wait long!!!!!

  • cha yasi is way too handsome

  • I really love how all the chef's are each others hype squad. Besties 4LIFE

  • 有意思吗? 最近古装戏太多,没有以前拍的古装戏好看了。剧情也一般般

  • This drama is so additive...

  • I want feng xun to get a good girl So that he can be happy

  • 为什么有的时候放着放着就没声音了

  • 这荼水广告没毛病

  • Anh tui nhảy nhót riết mắc hội chứng parkinson hả gì trời 😂

  • 姫蘅好無恥,敢威脅帝君,這張臉整的太假了。

  • China cemetery is nice


  • I want an Arabic translation please😭😭💔

  • Wow, it really ended well, love the ending 💝💝

  • نبي ترجمه عربيه بلييزززززز😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔🇸🇦

  • the outfit with the red jean jacket, striped green dress, avocado hat and those boots was honestly super cute.

  • 这个万大显知道夫人查案,有怀疑到侯爷,不应该向侯爷禀告吗,他可是侯爷派的人喔

  • I love you Zhou Chen your voooiiiice is magic. Kisses from France. Go on.

  • i just relized that your logo was in the theme song on the jacket

  • 温逐流这个杀手不太冷

  • Total waste of time. I’ve seen better. Eternal love, Awakening, etc. This was insane!

  • Me da tristeza ver como el pobre Nie Huaisang encuentra el cuerpo del hermano mayor luego de buscarlo tanto y que lo tengo el tarupedo de el líder del clan jin

    • A y también esta tan concentrada casi llorando con WWX y JC y luego veo un comentario de el cuerpo de NH como un palo seco tirado mientras peleaban y el desmayado 😂🥺

  • 大家一起支持R1SE成员吧,不理他们解散团体 大家都支持他们每个成员吧

  • Ohhh. ........... I want a partner or ......like Ning Zeyu. Because he was always side by side of the female lead. Ohhh I want a bf like him.😚😚😚😚

  • Wuaaaauuu que beso tan tierno, Los ame❤😍 Q triste q terminará. Realmente recomendado, la pareja protagónica muy buenas actuaciones, química, me encantaron los dos, gracias a todos por el trabajo, genial todo el grupo 👏👏👏 , las casas impresionantes, y el vestuario, también, del profesor Ji, que hombre mas sexy👏👏 y lo tierna que es Qi Nian, genial que se quedaran juntos, maravillosa historia, gracias desde Chile Olga Verdugo😭😍❤

  • 冠軍應該是王建國

  • I always think that Li He is more cute and baby type 😍👶 instead of badboy, bossy, arrogant, proud etc etc

  • umbrella man ahahahah

  • subtitles in English and Spanish, please.

  • 標題是郡主 應當是郡王!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………

  • 千仞雪确实美,但小舞的地位始终稳如泰山. 本来原著中小舞也不是最美的. 原著在人物刻画的时候,七怪里宁荣荣和朱竹清都比小舞漂亮,小舞提得最多的是有双大长腿和小蛮腰. 唐三在蓝银皇觉醒前更是相貌普通,扔在人群里都找不到. 喜欢小舞不在于她漂亮与否,而在于情怀.唐家三少写感情戏一向不怎么细腻,难得把唐三和小舞的感情线刻画的如此丰满.

  • 這陳芊芊真的該死,她到底要害韓爍至幾時,而她卻ㄧ直在欺騙她。憑什麼韓爍變成你們所有人的算計,憑什麼韓爍要再次相信妳,妳從來沒有愛惜他過。陳芊芊從頭到尾祇愛自己。

  • I'm loving this new Series! This is my 13th Historical Chinese Drama & my 2nd Fantasy Series! These Dramas are SOOOO much better than ANYTHING you can find on US TV, now days! Great English Subtitles make it so much more Enjoyable, too! Thank You for Sharing these on CNtost!

  • The main lead's smile is so infectious🔪😩

  • 이라크에서 당신의 쇼와 많은 달콤함을 추적합니다.

  • 25:31

  • Sisisisi muy lindo Gu Wei Yi pero soy la única que se desesperó como estaba tirando el agua? Donde vivo esta escaseando el agua que coraje ver ese desperdicio.

  • اول بنت عربيه في قناه صينيه مترجمه ههههههه 💔🌚😅

  • ✌😌

  • Dang those forum comments reminded of when I played League long ago especially the uninstall part lol.

  • english subtitle please.

  • 这部不拖拉很好,99%的国剧剧情拖拖拉拉的,一演就50集左右,看着真累,越看越没劲

  • Me encanto pero termino me ubese gustado que que no terminara

  • ياوي الانمي؟

  • 妳不要添火不錯了還想滅火。

  • Tea making and autopsy frames next to each other. A correlation that turns my stomach and admire both arts. Cute writers.

  • 好看的劇👍

  • ល្អមើលខ្លាំងណាស់

  • 大家支持R1SE成员吧,不理他们解散团体 都支持他们每个成员吧

  • 15:35 Wwx: *se pone a reír* Yo de inmediato : ya valio 💀💀💀😬😬😬😬😬

  • 演技没郑爽好

  • It is time for the Old Mother to resign, and she doesn't need to be involved in making decisions regarding the domestic life of her children who already have a life of their own. Adult children have the right to determine their own path in life ..

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Se pasa de tonta la protagonista porque no le dice a el lo que pasó en lugar del otro ella no muestra interés por luchar por el ni por su hijo,mal ejemplo de mujeres sin decisión ,conformistas y dejadas.😠

  • 帝君张开双臂叫凤几过来时,像是爷爷想抱孙女,说夫人百鸟朝凤有什么好看,看你夫君就好了。😄

  • 這是翻唱版時間軸的天花板

  • Dylan looks gorgeous in this drama omg!! 😘💖

  • 由於我不清楚,故此不敢訂閱你的頻道!

  • When season 3 going to come out 😭

  • Is this the romantic version of "chicken"?

  • 請問訂阅你的频道是免費的嗎?抑或是要收费的呢?

  • HYPEEEEEEEE!!!! Gives me the Three lives Three Worlds vibe!!! :D YASSSS a good fantasy drama needs to come out now. There has been a major good drama drought LOL

  • 这期很超出预料,开始一看嘉宾座位分开,显得人很少,心想多冷清阿,结果是很超出预料,赞

  • Is this drama worth watching?