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  • just because he is French. Lewandowski deserves it more than anyone

  • So that video with subtitles about "Fuck..." is a lie. Good to know

  • Club bola kesayangan Chealsea islan.

  • If Lewy is not winning there will be riots.

  • 3:35 pretty sure that kante is looking for the ball to intercept. 😂

  • NGOLO The best Champions Simplement 🥰💪👏

  • I'm I the only one wondering what he has done so great to deserve winning the Ballon d'Or? 😐

  • thing or two about respecting your opponents and the competition.

  • Who very good

  • Nasi lemak is Kante's favourite food😁

  • Kante well deserved

  • Thomos deseved win this

  • Marco Reus

  • Fan chelsea dau het rui ạ🤗

  • Kante= ballon d'Or

  • Mourinho would have simply eaten him alive after the match in the dressing room .

  • dont think mbappe would like the ballondor talk for kante

  • Is it me or the commentator was boring af

  • Im hoping Juve sell Ronaldo is the most no sense, expensive and useless (for the juventus tactics) player, and im hoping some idiot pay him 100 milion like us

  • Best manager in Chelsea's history

  • Does anyone know the name of the song that’s playing at the stadium?

  • Just wanna see Kante~

  • kante the GOAT

  • Kia haverts it's the champion of champions league and also Chelsea I wish Germany wil win in the World cup

  • These commentators are so bad