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"K-pop Wonderland" 1theK

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3:27[MV] AboutU _ Time to Shine


  • 35.249.256 🔥🔥🔥

  • Time to Update Microsoft Windows 10 2019 server to 2020(20H2) server lolol

  • Como assim eu só to conhecendo essa música agoraaaaa. Que perfeição mano

  • Yg blm pernah like komen tolong like semua komen supaya pda bangun.

  • Good morning Lockey 😁

  • 이 노래가 에이프릴 노래 중 가장 띵곡이었는데.. 이제 리스트에서 지운다.. ㅠ

  • Aveces cuándo me siento mal mi lugar seguro es IU ❣

  • 16.127.357 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Plis netizen, jangan benci chaekyung ama rachel. Mereka ga tau apa apa soal bullying. please netizens, don't hate Chaekyung and Rachel. they don't know anything about bullying . *sorry for my bad english

  • 정주행 1일차

  • I am so soft for this song pls ㅠㅠ

  • Pero qué hermosa voz tiene Younha, de verdad que hay que darle mucho amor a esta canción :D


  • [email protected] > 700M!

  • 2021 br??

  • bl좋아하는데.....팬픽은 ㄹㅇ로 싫어하거등요???이거 봐도 되나......공식영상이니깐 괜찮을려나....?

  • *2021 AND STILL MY JAM*

  • I missed them

  • Necesito una colaboración de BTS y enhypen-

  • 유아가 없어서 아쉽다

  • Los amo!

  • ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

  • Tell me Apink, How are you all so great arstist group?!!💝💝💝💝

  • Se ven bien chulos, bellos, empoderados, divinos, preciosos, sexys, dioses del Olimpo. Bye 🤭❤️

  • Good morning Lockey 😁

  • 한글 댓글 보기가 힘드네 ㅋㅋㅋ댓글좀 많이 씁시다

  • 😎

  • this mv is so fresh but is so confused

  • Who else came here from Kritter Klub?

  • I can no longer watch this video with a straight face without seeing the choreo for the dance practice.

  • 2:19 miss u

  • 아직도 기억난다. 마마무 데뷔 초에 화사 못생겨서 퇴출하라고 청원운동 같은 거 하던 인간들이 있다는 거..... 에휴

  • I ay aya ay ay ay ay ay yuya ya 💕 amo esa parte 🤭❤️

  • Way to bring it boiz! Yummy!

  • 진짜 이제 와서 소리지만.. 화사가 이렇게 성장한.걸 보고도. 아직도 못생겼다느니.. 이런 소리 하는 악플러 있으면 진짜.... 어휴

  • I'm mad at Kakao M for breaking his contract with Spotify and erasing this work of art.


  • 너무 예뻐요

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍💓💓💓🥰💓🥰💓🥰💓💓🥰

  • 한글가사 자막이 없어서 아쉬워요😔

  • Cositas piciosas 💕

  • [email protected] >> 700M! ;D

  • What a wonderful man cant explain

  • Se veían bien chiquitos 😍🙈

  • Plz tell me how to look, sing, dance, act like IZ*ONE OMG SOYOU LOOKS BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE IN THE PAST (actually More!)

  • 아니 멜론에 왜 없어여...???

  • 96->97M

  • 채경아 나연아 ㅠ 도망챠~ 진짜 니들이 뭔 죄냐?

  • Esto es artee hagan stream

  • Canción favorita por siempre 😍💕

  • 외국인영상에는 한국인댓글 달면안된다고하더니 한국영상에는 외국인들이 더 많아;;

  • 아 어린이용 신곡임?

  • 10년전인데 퀄 디박

  • Yellow Card

  • Yuta looks so pure in here, so cute


  • comeback when

  • I hope I can hear this song live someday

  • Jimin come be my teacher

  • They came out with Im So Sick. Then they came out with THIS (the best out of the three imo). And then Dumhdurum? Apink is on a ROLL. Waiting for 2021’s banger 🙃




  • Whodis tet tet tet..

  • does anyone else hear fanny f**k at 1.27 or am i just a child?

  • 펩시라니......

  • Oh it's a big surprise, my heart Inspirit thanks you

  • rhemjine voiyous ( je rigole calmos)

  • 우와 재업이당

  • 와..잠은다잤네..

  • 잘생겻다

  • stop sleeping on BiBi!!! she have it all!!

  • I came here after baekhyun and doyoung sing this, but this song so addicted

  • Beautiful

  • so beautiful song

  • I need more songs from SF9 !!! <3

  • I love HWASA

  • Lovelyz ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • 실시[email protected]@콱,