League of Legends - All Cinematics (Timeline in Chronological Order)

添加 2019年10月25日
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0:10 - League of Legends Official Teaser
1:04 - Welcome to League of Legends
4:10 - A Video yo Keep You Warm This Holiday Season
4:59 - Urfrider Corki
6:09 - Mac Client Trailer
7:35 - A Twitst of Fate
12:09 - Get Jinxed
14:52 - Vel'Koz: First Contact
15:36 - Braum: Trials of the Poro
17:00 - A New Dawn
23:05 - Shurima: Descent Into The Tomb
26:14 - Shurima: Rise of the Ascended
29:33 - Sion: Reborn
30:00 - The Harrowing: Tales of the Black Mist
32:10 - Kalista: The Pledge
33:33 - Rek'Sai: The Terror Beneath
35:15 - The Curse of the Sad Mummy
39:31 - Bard: Mountain
42:19 - Ekko: Seconds
44:29 - Tahm Kench: The River King
48:02 - Overdrive: Project
50:49 - Jhin: Mind of the Virtuoso
51:55 - Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns
52:58 - Taliyah: Homecoming
53:41 - Dark Star: Nothing Escapes
54:06 - Kled: The Reunion
55:05 - Burning Bright: Star Guardian
56:49 - Ivern: Friend of the Forest
57:30 - The Light Within: Elementalist Lux
59:57 - Warwick: The Warth of Zaun
1:01:34 - Xayah and Rakan: Wild Magic
1:04:39 - Kayn: The Path of Shadows
1:05:16 - A New Horizon: Star Guardian Ahri
1:06:50 - The Hunt Project Hunters
1:08:47 - As We Fall: Varus
1:12:13 - The Climb
1:14:16 - Annie: Origins
1:21:04 - Irelia: The Defiant Blade
1:21:39 - Payback is a Goddess: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune
1:22:34 - Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper
1:23:12 - Runeterra Awaits: Interactive Map
1:23:58 - Call of Power: Ryze
1:29:18 - A New Devil's in Town: High Noon
1:29:53 - Welcome Aboard: Odyssey
1:32:17 - Awaken
1:35:39 - Book of Thresholds: Yuumi
1:36:23 - Empress of the Elements: Quiyana
1:36:43 - Outsiders: Project Reckoning
1:37:28 - Light and Shadow: Star Guardian
1:40:50 - Senna: Dark Passage

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  • lol ivern and star guardian's title cards are swapped

  • I love Braum’s trailer. I and many others have said before that if you’re toxic as Braum, you’re not playing the champion right.

  • Is not Dominion trailer missing?

  • 55:15 I didn't know Ivern was in star guardians...

  • No Crystal Scar cinematic?

  • LOL !

  • that ryze ult run was so fun with his e

  • Lmao 5:06 I feel like would get so much flak now-a-days. I guess back then they didn't even have a real concept of Piltover/Zaun.

  • Riot games has NA logic though, if someone is being toxic then mute them snowflakes, deal with it, it’s a skill, also add voice chat

  • I feel like star guardians was just a collab with sailer moon


  • What was that ammumu cinematic? Man I nearly cried

  • 0:26 heroes CUM

  • 0:28 looking this dude, ohoho no no no oooooooh, haaahahahahaah

  • 39:33 The animation 😶

  • 18:00 first kill darius

  • damn the early days of league bring me back to a simpler time. back then, all of my friends played it and i thought it was sooo dumb. now I'm addicted

  • We need more Music Videos. Please continue to make more great products like this!!!

  • A evellyn aparece em algum KKKKKK?

  • Dominion is so forgotten that even it's trailer isn't mentioned

  • I guess I have time

  • 1:09 the og

  • wow, riot really made things great for 2013 video clips...mostly for 360 3d

  • I’ve never seen that Warwick one before. That was crazy. Like, a first person shooter version of league wouldn’t make much sense but is totally possible with all the characters and weapons loll

  • I'm so excited Riot is expanding. Before they were just a point and click game, now they have variety of league stuff gaming wise, has comics and movie (supposedly soon) with marvel and more. Awesome!

  • Me playing amumu getting roasted by my 4 teammates, is this a curse!?

  • 5:55 that corki ad

  • 1:02:21 karakterlerin ismini bilen varmı

  • Warwick trailer is the best XD It's my main

  • Quiyana :)

  • As entradas da logo do League foram melhorando e mudando, agora ta uma merda kkkk

  • The improvement from first to the second one is so big

  • Im love skin kda akali and evelynn

  • I miss the old Morg and Kayle

  • Man this game's come a long ass way in terms of the aesthetic quality

  • On the star guardian you put the ivern title and in the ivern scene you put the star guardian title. Am i like the only one who saw it???

  • 52:15 Uchiha Madara?

  • bruh where is leblanc omg she's such an old champ but ive yet to see her in a cinematic

  • ta desatualizado champs XD

  • The art design team deserves most of riots earnings

  • 24:08 is something out of the history channel 😂

  • 55:14 Ivern: Friends of the forest Wtf!?

  • i prefer the classic GCI over those hyper modern approaches or whatever you call those ( except the annie one, that was dope )

  • Star Guardian needs a anime show

  • damn annie ultied her foster mom

  • Is Zed not the most evil person in the League? These cinematics seem to tell me so.

    • Nah, I think it would be Viego or Mordekaiser


  • motivaciq

  • Get jinxed is one of their songs i am really really hyped up whenever im playing league

  • Poor amumu, sometimes i feel like that

  • Old nunu in the first cinematic looks so deformed

  • Hey! I made an Ahri montage (including more champs) called Who will protect us? Some parts of this video appear there, I would be really happy if you watch it and tell me your opinion. Thx! cntost.info/round/zaKd1q9tormPiJk/sh-p-n

  • The fact that they can make tons of movies with different protagonists is awesome.

  • Hated darius before but after watching this im perma banning him

  • It's just a little sad that there's no cinematic anymore for the announcement of a new Champion

  • Call of power will always be my favourite

  • 2017 the year lol cinematic

  • I hope in the future there will be a LoLCU (League of Legends Cinematic Universe). Make it happen Riot!!

  • Love this ❤️

  • Annie's and Amumu's lores are just so sad..

  • The jump in graphics from 2012 to '13. Wtf?

  • Amumum is my love

  • northernlion

  • i wanna hug Amumu so bad :'(

  • Annie looks like crap.

  • oh yes katarina, do the matrix thing

  • Awaken, Light and Shadow and Get Jinxed are my favorites

  • I love A New Dawn Cuz there is my favourite champion Ahri!

  • buen video like

  • Lol, the outdated skins are so bad.

  • Ok so i am going to the cinema now and i will just wait for the movie there

  • When a 10 years old league of legends animation is better than mls that are made in 2020.

  • I’ve never played the game in my lifetime, I don’t even know how it works, I just like watching the cinematics, they’re really good lol

    • @Pootis Films wow thanks 👍

    • If u dont have a pc, try pre registering for wild rift.

  • 2:15 - 3:17 1minute of ryze CARRYING HIS TEAM

  • If There's a Warcraft Movie, I'm so so sure they will make League of legends Movie😎

  • 1:02:15 I love that rolling eyes of Zaya

  • only true legends willing to spend 1 hours and 41 minutes to watch this

  • Ooo you did not just eat her teddy bear

  • I swear before League of Legends servers shut down they better release some kind of content showing Amumu's curse finally being broken and him finding friends!!

    • @Leah Fox Lol, not any time soon that I know of. I was just speaking in general, whenever they do decide to shut down the game they need to have Amumu's curse lift and have like Teemo and Tristana be his friends!

    • Wait the league of legends servers are shutting down

    • and aatrox finally dying peacefully

  • @1:12:54 song?

    • Climb

  • What do you call those white fluffy cute things?

  • 19:50 get tf of my wife you damn cat

  • What was the thing that swallowed Tibbers ?

    • Nashor

  • I want a blonde badass with blue eyes and wings.

  • Jinx is too skinny.

  • Who’s the winged girl

  • good

  • 10:55

  • Missed dominion cinematic

  • For me the most saddest histories are Annie´s and Amumu´s ones ;-;

  • where's mortal reminder ?? one of the best videos :/

  • Amumus and Annies cinematics always makes me cry ﴾ತ~ತ﴿


  • OMG Amumu, you are not alone bro dont be sad :(((

  • Darius die because he didn't put magic armour or somthing iam not so good with english


  • Kalista's thematic is probably my fav in the game. That cinematic is so damn cool. A horrifying spirit of vengeance.

  • Where is talon?

    • There is no cinematic with Talon

  • 55:14 The name of the cinematic says Ivern: Friend of the forest when the video is actually Star Guardians: Burning Bright 1st Series

    • And then the next cinematic is Ivern: Friends of the Forest It's been swapped lmao, that one says Burning Bright

  • 48:34 it’s genji from overwatch

    • xD people like you ruin all the fun

    • I just want to say that cinematic was released 2 years before Genji