PGG vs UOL - Day 4 LoL MSI 2021 Group Stage | Pentanet.GG vs Unicorns of Love full game

添加 2021年05月 9日
MSI 2021 UOL vs PGG 2021 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Round 1 - Pentanet.GG vs Unicorns of Love. MSI 2021 UOL vs PGG VOD.
2021 MSI full playlist:
League of Legends Season 11 Mid-Season Invitational in Iceland.
Fifth game of the day - Pentanet.GG vs Unicorns of Love vs best of 1. PGG vs UOL.

Pentanet.GG Line-up:
Top - Biopanther Sett
Jungle - Pabu Nidalee
Mid - Chazz Zed
ADC - Praedyth Samira
Support - Decoy Galio

Unicorns of Love Line-up:
Top - BOSS Nocturne
Jungle - AHaHaCiK Lee Sin
Mid - Nomanz Vladimir
ADC - Lodik Kaisa
Support - SaNTaS Nautilus

Patch: 11.9 - Season 11
Game date: 09.05.2021 | 05/09/2021 | May 9th 2021
Game place: Reykjavík, Iceland
Casters: Captain Flowers and Raz

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    • @Dalton Warren Definitely, I have been using Instaflixxer for months myself =)

    • you probably dont care but if you guys are bored like me atm you can watch pretty much all of the latest series on instaflixxer. Been watching with my brother for the last couple of days =)

  • 32:40 worth it xD

  • the sett sit up emote is the best flex XD

  • Is that girl pggs mascot ?

    • @focodoco thats pretty cool actually

    • She is their back up support

  • 34:20 that flash predict on the spear was 500 IQ this is rank 1 ice for ya mate

  • 35:45 you came here

  • DamWon is a beast in MSI

  • I missed seeing Zed in competitive play. Lets go PGG!

  • I'm much more surprised and hyped by electro flash ghost Vlad than zed

  • Zed with steraks gage ???

  • 24:40 soooo whos the girl? is that why PGG is always so happy?

    • @Yuonee IKR! I was so happy to see a chick in OCE reach pro play *cries*

    • @therivercake Soo Cool

    • She’s DNS/ Weak Egg aka back up support player for PGG


  • Imagine if it was penta vs t1 and penta locked in the zed lol

  • 3:25 Love how the coach taps him. He was like "Win or lose, just enjoy that Zed ok. We believe in you"

  • Hey man really appreciate the channel. Because I'm in Aus. The games always go past midnight and I get too tired to stay up and watch them all. But because you always have them uploaded so fast I can catch up in the morning. Thanks mate!

  • always nice seeing zed in pro play

  • Ye! oCE world champs 2021!!! 🌍 🎉 🎊

  • That sett sit up tho lmao

  • New fave exiting casting duo AND new fave underdog team. BRING THE SPICE ISLANDS TO US

  • deserved loss for flexing lee sin into pretty much the only role it's trash tier. R5 Fiddlesticks/Lillia, suddenly you're the one who has draft advantage, and it's a big one

    • Especially with nocturne!!! Noc R synergy with fear on fiddle's R can be game changing.

  • Too slow. We need the VOD before the game happened. (Great work)

  • Lmao speedy

  • Gj riot now they have zed and sett in one Team. Awesome for the casters 🤔

  • Came here just to replay the flex SIT UPS! 35:45

    • Absolutely lost it when he did that! Too good!

  • 35:48 BM

  • Man, u fast

  • Ey first