FNC vs SKT | Day 1 S9 LoL Worlds 2019 Group Stage | Fnatic vs SK Telecom T1 full VOD

添加 2019年10月12日
SKT vs FNC Group Stage lol worlds 2019 Day 1 - SK Telecom T1 vs Fnatic. Group Stage of Season 9 lol eSports World Championship 2019 in Europe.
LoL eSports S9 WORLDS 2019 - Fnatic vs SK Telecom T1 Day 1 Group Stage | League of Legends Worlds 2019 SKT vs FNC VOD 1080p Full HD.
First match of the day - SK Telecom T1 vs Fnatic best of 1.
FNC vs SKT full game in HD 1080p.

Fnatic Line-up:
Bwipo - Top Gangplank
Broxah - jungle Rek'Sai
Nemesis - mid Ryze
Rekkles - ADC Garen
Hylissang - support Yuumi

SK Telecom T1 Line-up:
Khan - Top Akali
Clid - Jungle Lee Sin
Faker - Mid Tristana
Teddy - AD Kayle
Effort - Support Nautilus

Patch: 9.19 - Season 9
Game date: 12.10.2019 | 10/12/2019 | October 12th 2019
Game place: Berlin
Casters: Froskurinn, Kobe and Atlus

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  • Fna coach always in that blue ass suit lol

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  • mdr ils ont ous la meme coupe de cheveuc ces chinois mdr

  • its sad that skt didnt bring the crew back like they did pretty good with there first world together

  • 30:06 this moment is just simply legendary.

  • Keyle and mid ganks top lane

  • am i the only one who notices that teddy has mana pots in the early game?

  • 0:54 Garen: Nani!?

  • I like this woman commenting

  • GG EASY...that garen-yuumi pick is just for the "ooohhh" from the crowd at the beginning but totally useless.

  • No one is talking about the pink hair girl, she's so cute

  • Why he take Ryze..... Fake know that champion 150% Xd big mistake

  • I hope T1 someday comes back strong again and have another dominating season before Faker is going to leave.

  • Songcntost.info/round/lKahyKqPq7aKp9A/sh-p-n

  • Casters are cancer in this. The female is terrible

  • blue team lose because they don't an ADC

  • Nerf faker please

  • back when adc was crap xD

  • The game ended when the picked yuumi-garen..fnc is an inting team as always

  • 9/0/8

  • M

  • Ward simulator

  • Passou vergonha uzi téje

  • I swear rewatching this, that female emc feels like she knows it all

  • SKT Khan's life = FNC Nexus

  • I need the commentators to just be quiet for one second. Fucking Christ.

  • Finatic did well

  • "Faker is sooo big"

  • Why go garen bot. It was over from the beginning.

  • Teddy Kayle late game + Faker Tristana = Nasty Win

  • the FNATIC really think they can.....you know what i mean...T1

  • Come here after run BTSxT1 😅

  • Lmao! When you are not white on the land of the white, they don't care about your performance. Go SKT!! 🇰🇷🇰🇷

  • Racism in the moderators. 🙄

  • The game ended like 5 minutes ago and you already uploaded?? Just wow!

  • i do not miss yuumi garen bot

  • What's so special about 0 deaths? I've played alot of games were I didn't die

    • This is a pro player's game.

  • why garen bot?

  • 17:40 not really a good play by faker here , he could've ult GP to assure the kill i think the greed caught him .

    • this clearly shows u didnt pay attention, if u see it clearly, u can notice tristana weapon actually "burning up " the animation for ult, but since GP enter bush, the animation got cancelled, as u notice he didnt even send any basic attack durent that time

  • When SKT had a strong roster , to be honest Khan and clid shouldn't have leave SKT , this team was actually pretty strong and after a few years of training and competition they could've been much stronger than DMW / GEN G and they could've beat G2 .

  • Ahh the times, when garen adc is still acceptable.

  • Ll

  • semoga sukses bang ,dan tetap semangat bang buat kontennya

  • No matter what you do, faker will always be better than you !

  • It sucks they didn't make it to 2020 worlds 😞

  • 41:03 name of bgm plz

  • Beautiful


  • The moment faker got the first blood nemesis already lost💀

  • it’s seriously disappointing how useless yuumi was...building ap items and being useless...disappointing

  • Stupid bwipo

  • 16:45 This is when you know... *YOU FUCKED UP*

  • partida ql buena

  • oo ok hi

  • Watching old matches in quarantine and just missing the way it used to be The audience, the players on the stage, i never thought I would miss that, that much and it seems so not real because we all got used to the way things are now. Not just here, but in every sport.

  • Did he say "I'm still scared for SKT because this was way too close." I think we have a very different understanding of way too close because if I was a fanatic player I would have smashed 400 keyboards by the time that game ended.

  • Fnatic's team fights were highly affected by the vision they have. If they could have pulled some aggressive engages then it was an increased chance for them.

  • 37:00 In sync khan and clid

  • 16:00 This teamfight is just so beautiful from SKT.

  • Still i dont like SKT

  • faker does faker thing in this game.

  • Faker just simply wants to dominate the game. period! What a great match! 👏👏👏

  • 17:54 saygı knk saygı

  • Yuliiiii pink haired babe

  • 34:00 how did yuumi do more damage than anyone else?!

  • FNC needs to work on their drafts. Like the legit left the Akali open-

  • Xpeke would be very proud

  • an profesional player using garen. cool

  • Well FNC have no brain, how these 5 idiots play on this game?

  • amiagine wathiing this a year later

  • ?? at 18:00 why doesnt faker just ult wtf

  • That was lucky nemesis flashed into the bush, lee flashed out of it and didnt have vision.

  • Rekkles, Ragnar Lothbrok son

  • 30:00 teddy is gonna hate faker for that

  • 差距太大

  • Wow SKT UndisPuted Team.

  • Announcer to Faker: "He's so big" Me: I know ;)

  • This game is very confusing

  • Too bad skt lost to G2 : /

  • I left the game for 1 and half year and came back to witness garen adc is being picked by pro players in worlds...wtf?

  • Tristana mid good game

  • Innovation I hear, I remember the Naut mid trend

  • Hey guys! I just joined the League of legends female streaming community on Twitch :P please support me and tune into my channel and become part of the community :) ~~~ My channel name is @ asuna_5000

  • Hey guys! I just joined the League of legends female streaming community on Twitch :P please support me and tune into my channel and become part of the community :) ~~~ My channel name is @ asuna_5000

  • Hey guys! I just joined the League of legends female streaming community on Twitch :P please support me and tune into my channel and become part of the community :) ~~~ My channel name is @ asuna_5000

  • m.twitch.tv/malikrpc

  • faker destroy everybody

  • Skt 1

  • Partida mas aburridora


  • Effort looks like a young Ji sukJin from running man haha 😂

  • talo?

  • 7:12 faker flashed in place

  • Pls stop sponsoring FNC! They never win

  • Faker: Legends never Die

  • gg ez fnatic clowns

  • cntost.info/round/zqWKtod5sZx_kJk/sh-p-n

  • boring match af