ENG SUB [The Imperial Coroner] EP01--Starring: Su Xiaotong, Wang Ziqi

▶Two Episodes every Saturday to Monday
☞Watch Full Episode☞ bit.ly/3aKduLD

▶【Synopsis】In late Tang Dynasty, a girl called Chuchu had been dreaming of being a coroner so she went to take the coroner exam in Chang'an. She met Lord Anjun Xiao Jinyu who was famous for solving crime puzzles. Then she worked as his partner and they revealed lots of mysterious cases. The origin of Chuchu shocked many powers and cracked the balance between them. Thus the power battle began. With cases exposed one after another, Chuchu and Xiao Jinyu gradually resolved the world-shaking case that lasted for 18 years. After that, they got married and Chuchu even got approved by the emperor and attained the title of Imperial Coroner. Finally, she finally fulfilled her dream.
▶Starring: Su Xiaotong, Wang Ziqi, Yang Yandong, Zhao Yaoke

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  • ooookay, here we go again. hihihi... Watched when an episode was aired, and now... You guessed it, I've started a binge round....

  • Now I've figured out why jinyu was so suspicious of chuchu. Hehehehehehe. She got lessons from his *beep* ( not saying who, cause i ain't gonna give no spoiler)

  • I saw that small smirk jinyu😏😏😏

  • This drama is amazing. Just finished and starting again😭😭😭😭their love is so pure

  • 什么鬼片

  • I think this leading actress is too cute in every way.... 😍😍

  • I love this drama! Why chinese drama soooo amazing!!! Can't move my eyes!

  • 好看

  • 竟他妈瞎编,这些事在清朝也许差不多。

  • Tencent you are the best. after all episodes uploaded here i'm going to start this drama 😁❤

  • This video is not available in my country whyy😢😢😢😢

  • This is the show I've first ever seen can fit into my screen ;D

  • I really enjoy chinese period dramas. The aesthetic, clothes and everything is super gorgeous.

  • The corpse part is really freaking me out

  • This drama was excellent. Great storyline, actors, direction and costumes. One of my favourites so far. Highly recommend it!

  • 2021最好看的电视剧,必追剧情不拖拉,环环相扣,比那些明星脸好看多了剧

  • Highly recommended . Very interesting and intelligent drama . For a low budget drama everything is perfect . Specially script . Love and thank you imperial coroner team❤️

  • 我看完了全剧,回过头来,第一集我已经看过数遍,每次都乐得哈哈的。真是部难得的好剧。

  • Z❤️❤️❤️

  • I have wanted to watch this long time....but waited so I can binge watch hope it's all uploaded now

    • Yes final 2 episodes uploaded today. Great drama. Strongly recommended

  • The flawless great-grandmother ultimately live because stream lally nail following a magical change. past, distinct door

  • 来个迥轉推荐此剧超劲😁智勇双全男女主👍精彩完美结局💑良心编導👍

  • 6:15 奴婢???

  • Chinese Historical &fantasy& wuxia serial: 东宫《Good Bye, My Princess》 琉璃《Love and Redemption》 斗罗大陆 《DouLuo Continent》 庆余年《Joy of life》 延禧攻略《Story of Yanxi Palace》 步步驚心 《Startling by Each Step》 三生三世十里桃花《Eternal Love》 三生三世枕上书《Eternal Love of Dream》 新边城浪子《Border Town Prodiga》 大军师司马懿之军师联盟《The Advisors Alliance》 大军师司马懿之虎啸龙吟《GROWLING TIGER》 凤囚凰 《Untouchable Lovers》 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦《The Story Of MingLan》 九州缥缈录《NOVOLAND:EAGLE FLAG》 九州·海上牧云记《Tribes and Empires:Storm of Prophecy 鹤唳华亭《Royal Nirvana》 鹤唳华亭·别云间《Royal Nirvana》 山河令《Word Of Honor》 霍元甲《The Legend of Huo Yuanjia》 精武陈真《Chen Zhen》 清平乐《Serenade of Peaceful Joy》 灵域《The World of Fantasy》 鬓边不是海棠红《 Winter Begonia》 香蜜沉沉烬如霜《Ashes of Love》 天乩之白蛇傳說《The Legend of White Snake》 天盛长歌《the Rise of Phoenixes》 陈情令《The Untamed》 宸汐缘《Love and Destiny》 传闻中的陈芊芊《The Romance of Tiger and Rose》 长安十二时辰《The Longest Day in Chang'an》 将夜《Ever Night》 将夜2《Ever Night S2》 上阳赋《The Rebel Princess》 琅琊榜《Nirvana in Fire》 琅琊榜之风起长林《Nirvana in Fire Ⅱ》 狼殿下《The Wolf》 老九门《The Mystic Nine》 媚者无疆《Bloody Romance》 大明风华《大明风华 Ming Dynasty》 武動乾坤《Martial Universe》 新三国《Three Kingdoms》 暮白首《Love a Lifetime》 河神《Tientsin Mystic》 河神2《Tientsin Mystic 2 》 玲珑《 The Blessed Girl》 离人心上《The Sleepless Princess》 人间烟火花小厨《Chef Hua》 赘婿《My Heroic Husband》 水浒传《All Men Are Brothers》 錦綉未央《The Princess Wei Young》 偷心画师《Oh! My Sweet Liar》 茶馆《Teahouse 》 新侠客行《Ode to Gallantry》 玉昭令《No Boundary Season》 雪山飛狐《Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain》 书剑恩仇录《The Book and The Sword》2002 我就是这般女子 《A girl like me》 碧血劍《Sword Stained with Royal Blood》 鹿鼎记《The Deer and the Cauldron》2014 招摇 《The Legends》 天龍八部《Demi Gods and Semi Devils》2003 七劍下天山《Seven Swordsmen》 长歌行《The Long Ballad》 大唐荣耀《The Glory of Tang Dynasty》 大唐榮耀2《The Glory of Tang Dynasty Ⅱ》 少爷与我的罗曼史《A Love So Romantic》 镖门《The Great Protector》 少林问道《SHAOLIN WENDAO》 楚乔传《Princess Agents》 射雕英雄传《The Legend of the Condor Heroes》2017 神雕侠侣《The Condor Heros》2006 倚天屠龙记《Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons》2019 花千骨《The Journey of Flower》 锦衣之下《Under the Power》 九流霸主 《Overlord》 少年游之一寸相思《Love in Between》 青云志 《The Legend of Chusen》 她和他的恋爱剧本《Love Script 》 水浒传《All Men Are Brothers》 夜天子 《The Dark Lord》 無心法師《The Monster Killer》 哦!我的皇帝陛下《Oh! My Emperor》 三千鸦杀《Love of Thousand Years》 离人心上《The sleepless princess》 芸汐传《Legend of Yun Xi》 步步惊心《Treading On Thin Ice》 今夕何夕《Twisted Fate of Love》 大宋少年志《Young Blood》 那年花開月正圓《Nothing Gold Can Stay》 有翡 《Legend of Fei》 甄嬛传《Empresses in the Palace》 如懿傳《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》 少主且慢行《I‘ve Fallen for You》 侠探简不知《Ancient Detective》 小女花不棄《I Will Never Let You Go》 从前有座灵剑山《Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain》 天雷一部之春花秋月《Love Better Than Immortality 》 扶摇《Legend of Fuyao》 大秦帝国之裂变《The Qin Empire》 大秦帝国之崛起《The Chin Empire Ⅲ》 大秦赋《The Qin Empire 》 大秦帝国之纵横《The Great Qin Empire》The Chin EmpireⅡ 武當一劍 《Wudang Sword》 骊歌行《Court Lady》 御赐小仵作《The Imperial Coroner》 进击的皇后 《The Queen of Attack》 鬥破蒼穹《Battle Through the Heaven》

  • Goede serie. Het is net een chinese versie van Sherlock Holmes.

  • 我剛在別處看完36 集的大陸劇集,很好看。但它只有中文字幕。其劇情懸疑丶緊張丶鬥智丶間中也有幽默和輕鬆丶愛情等精彩場面。歌也很好聽;大結局的結尾歌之後,還加插了十多秒的卡通短片,頗有趣丶幽默;大家也不要錯過最結尾歌後的部分卡通呀。現在我才找到這裡來也有此劇集正在播放中,它有中丶英文字幕,方便了很多年輕觀眾呢,謝謝騰讯视频 (Tencent Video)! 我的女兒只懂英文,也許喜歡看看吧。我推薦此劇集。

  • As far as it's show in cdramas most of the emperors were idiots 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I am in ( if you are too ) astral world here we go

  • Did we just got a new mission

  • Yes you should definitely watch this! (If you were looking for a sign 😀)

  • 女主蛮可爱,让我想到了锦衣之下

  • After watching the whole series, I have to say this drama has everything. From concrete and logical plots, fast paced, knowledgeable leads, great acting, cute romance, crime solving and attention to details. The show has it all. What impressed me the most is really the attention to details. Each scene is carefully crafted to give viewers hints to the story. Even the scene which i originally thought unrelated to the story where the prince's teacher is feeding fishes, serves as a hint to the true identity of the teacher. Really a show of excellent quality that is hard to come by these days

    • I love General's lady, Miss the dragon, GoprincessGo, etc

  • Two different people whose hearts beat as one. They are cut out of same kind of fabric, same kind of thought wave that would melt any love story! Not ready to have this drama end! I want #2 imperial where their children have crime solving competition to see who solves the crime first and their love stories of happy ending; their kids and grand-babies! This one is extra sweet and special.... everything about it! So in the mood for more,,,,

  • 看了炮哥来的

  • I highly recommend this drama to watch.have a happy ending and u will learn many new things throughout the drama.

  • Nice drama and acting of the lead actor/actress and supporting actress and actors...I finished watching till the end, it's a happy ending.

  • 🙏🏼Peace and Blessings. Off to a great start! Great first episode. Transalations are good and words can easily be read because they used a black background to enhance the white letters 👍🏼 Now I hope there are no deleted episodes or episodes not English subbed. 5/31/21 9:54AM🇺🇸

  • 楚楚-》活尸体:“伤者男,身高六尺...” 王爷:(翻白眼+往上看“咦?我真的这么高”?) 超cute🤣

  • 适合0-15岁

  • 怎么是配音啊?大大减分

  • 🇧🇷🇩🇪este sim eu gosto tem muito drama ,o que eu não vejo aqui eu assisto na TV fica melhor ainda quando tem internet 🥰😊🤗

  • Iam done watching 36 eps.and now watching again it's really nice Cdrama and it's highly recommended to watch .ilove it ....and i like it.amazing all the cast ..crews and staffs perfect job well done i hope there is part 2 .

  • 我也是黔州的!!!!

  • مرحبا ممكن ترجمة للغة العربية 🌷 🌷 🌷

  • 狗腾讯开始VIP收费了,刚开了vip发现油管有免费的!

    • 油管上是为了文化宣传的,何况油管是发钱的,要是腾讯收钱反倒蠢了,点击量上不起是赚不到钱的

  • 一聽到「三法司」「閣老」便很耳熟。😅😅😝

  • 看來有點東西哦~

  • 能不能多一點本人聲音 ,少一點配音、本人配音也滿好聽的

  • 二刷,特别喜欢里面的男女主和男二女二,各自精彩和温馨

  • Other stupid Series,👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Chu chu like as a chubby girl 😛

  • Hola podrían traducir en español cada capítulo toda completa

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  • I love the fact she is a girl, and not a girl disguised as a man

    • Chu Chu’s not ashamed that she was raised by a family of coroners. She’s honored to have the chance to be accepted as the official coroner.

  • 演员倒不漂亮!

  • 刚撞下,也没有肿胀那么快的!!我还以为骨头也许会受伤哩!!

  • 仵作,即现在的法医!!!

  • 完了完了完了,我又要开始熬夜了,我的时间啊😯

  • 好看 不尬 无废话 都是正常人

  • 他想干嘛?哈哈哈哈哈哈

  • LoL! I have seen the whole episodes but I want to watch it again on CNtost

  • 你真係介紹得好好女主角有好靚男主角有好靚最鍾意就係有中文字幕做功做得好多謝你哋

  • 第一天看这部剧,希望没追错。不过女主是真的可爱,没有那种做作的感觉,希望这会是一部好剧🙂

  • Is it worth to watch ????....

  • Love actor chinese drama 🇧🇷🌎😻💯🌸🍀☘😘🤩🥰🌺💙👏

  • 朋友们!入股不亏! One of the best drama I've seen in recent years, every scene serves a purpose to push the story ahead. Really worth watching!

  • 三刷的人就斗胆一问:还会有第二部吗?期待有续集 🙏 第一次刷这剧的时候 错过了很多细节, 然后第二次刷的时候补了那些细节之余又学习了很多新知识.....现在第三次看这剧了...

  • Re watching.....WHO IS WITH ME?

  • 好可愛的3個人

  • 太好看了 二刷

  • Very 😎 thumb up

  • 16:51 请问为啥说是叩见陛下,但是却没叩首呀?是指的同一个叩吗?

  • Chinese TV dramas are paying more and more attention

  • 下戴太慢

  • Small Goldfish 😂😂😂

  • The staking title concordantly sail because beautician histochemically flower astride a harsh camp. optimal, lonely coke

  • 这片可改称《小金鱼,找爸爸》,男主最后终于知道自己爸爸是谁

  • 晓彤这个名字 真抢手😁😁😁

  • 剛剛看完全劇的我,必須給剛開跟的朋友提個醒,以這種小成本劇來說拍的算可以,整體算用心,但有個超級大bug就是 - 主次不分!古偶言情探案呀,言情是主啊拜託!結果把探案正兒八經的狂拍,我謝謝了真是,就你們這驗屍這探案?作為輔助言情的話勉強能接受,但拿這個當正經探案劇來拍,男女主言情就意思意思???有病吧!根本就沒立得住腳的地方,這好比想在自己的言情小說裡加一點懸疑細節來豐富劇情推動男女主情感的瓊瑤奶奶,寫著寫著把自己當成了阿加莎奶奶了,所以此劇後面越看越沒意思,男女主基本沒在談情說愛,而是瘋狂搞事業,我只想說:醒醒編劇!你還真拿這種狗屁不通的驗屍當事業搞吶!!!你可沒有阿加莎的智商!

  • This is a good one! Both leads are smart and interesting! 💓

  • 被推薦來的,對後續劇情非常期待,但是畫質只有到720p好不習慣呐QAQ希望能有至少1080

  • I'm loving this drama. Same level as Maiden Holmes and Ancient Detective!!

  • First episode done... It held my interest all the way. It seems quite balanced and not ridiculous. The actors carry the story very well.

    • @Angel Eyez Thank you. I have caught up to Epi 24 and now have to wait until Thurs for next 2 epi's... I think these type of dramas very well written, with some realism are hard to find. I think Brocade Sword was the last one, but I'm revisiting Word of Honor now to pass the time. Even though it has a lot of fantasy it seems realistic in how the characters are.

    • You have to watch it until the last episode and i can assure you that you won't regret it...This drama exceeds my expectations the actors nailed their part so well, the story line, the plot twist every episode is worth watching

  • 导演 下次拍古装能不能多要点预算把服化道搞搞好

  • I love it when male leads are acting cold and the female lead are innocent like they do whatever comes in there mind

  • %

  • This is the best drama in 2021!! Highly recommended!! Happy ending!! Must watch!!

    • @Winter There is. The romance part is well balanced with the mystery.

    • is there any romance in it?

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  • Buongiorno vorrei chiedere la traduzione in Italiano grazie

  • 我又得忍不住把一到五剧重新看了一遍。实在太不可思议了。。。连我这个老美。 最代表封建的连续剧 还是封建制度最有味道。 人人都有一个一生可寄托的角色。

  • So far so good, Love the female lead. The english subs go a little fast for me tho. If they could be slowed down just a tad, thank you

  • Why did this drama not came out when I had anatomy modules lol? But thank u for great drama. Here after good reviews

  • 好看,值得花时间追的好剧!

  • Have anyone notice that historical dramas are always in the tang dynasty?🤔

    • @N Thapa aaah

    • Its big and prosperous dynasty. Kinda open- minded to some extent.

  • 我敢说,这是2021年目前为止最好的剧

  • 虽然服化一般,但是道具和逻辑真的很不错,很注重细节,演员和场景也协调。就是演技和配音看了有点尴尬。全靠同行衬托,总的来说是不错了,作为一个网络剧能确实应该被表扬,希望继续加油。

  • For new viewers: pls definitely give this show a chance, this is the perfect combination of mystery and funny💕💕👌🏼 i promise y’all will love this. Also the relation and chemistry between all the characters is amazing, I personally love the brothers relationship very much(so far)... also idk if is just me but i find this a lil fruity 🤷🏻‍♀️😉 ( im not complaining tho)

  • 看了哇妹和炮哥的评论来这的 非常不错啊 没有大咖但剧情紧凑没有废话 演员演技在线 终于有剧可以追了😁

  • this looks like its gonna be an interesting one!

  • Sub títulos en español, por fabor