I spent a day with DREAM

添加 2021年06月 8日
I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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  • this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer

  • was it tough

  • Part 2 :Dream's face reveal

  • Dream isn’t wearing a mask which is why he is keeping his head still so they can animate a mask

  • Dude he already did face revealing is dannygnzalez

  • Spoil:dream is actually danny gonzalez

  • Oh guy from smosh man

  • Or anthony my name os same

  • I started to wonder if this was him he hasn’t moved an inch

    • Lloyd it’s animated.

  • Imagine dream didn’t wear the mask instead used an Halloween mask like a clown mask


  • I’m being and it’s looks like dream is animated and he is not there

  • Obese

    • Yuris Cynicsm go outside do exersize obese.

  • all my homies hate dream⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

  • worst youtube video ever

  • Anthony: Fastest growing Minecraft Channel right now. Me: Haha Tommyinnit go brrrr


  • It’s so nice of dream’s brother to come to the interview for him when he’s sick 👍

  • I love dreams mask 👌💕

  • It's always a "Dream"

  • So did you do it on a call then use cgi?

  • I skipped into the video so if he explained it my bad but is this dude just talking to a chair, that dream seems extremely fake.

    • It’s because it is, Dream isn’t actually there, it’s animation, as was the Corpse video.

  • Nooooo

  • Smosh...

  • My brother has adhd and he went though similar stuff like getting glass and meds and he is also a big fan xD

  • so it is really dannie gonzalez cuz he has blonde hair and so does dannie gonzalez soo um.

  • Plot twist, he IS dream

  • I guess now we know why Dream is a 3D model in this

  • If he sells that mask as merch you already know I’m about to make it sell out!

  • Hi dream

  • OMG

  • Dream fats

    • @Dan Jar bitch Listen I’m a cheeseburger I can be any burger I want I can be a vegan burger and also dream new music sucked so bad that the people on pornhub can do better

    • @Cheeseburger I your name is literally cheeseburger and your calling people fat…. You’re obese.

  • Would love to see one with Techno!

  • just like looking dream looks fake dream like 1:06 look into dreams neck it dosen't look like real neck wow dream explain LOL :) dream got exposed

    • The way the masks moves up from his chin when he talks

  • Jake Paul: I got 5 million subs in 6 months 😏 Dream casually gets 21 mil subs in 500 days 500 days may be a year and a half but he got 21 mil subs and that’s way more than 5 million

  • eyyyy Nice shoes Dream also i know your Personailty But Just to Cover you i will not Reveal. Anyway Amazing.

  • Man Is just On A Vc Talking To A Chair With A Animated Dream Lol

  • I like how he’s hired someone to not look gargantuan and also paid artists to draw him here

  • "He can put my ashole in my casket"

  • how are there 8.9k ho downed like this vid

  • Now imagine being Mr Clean, commenting that.

  • why does dream have gloves xD

  • is this a mask or is that editing

  • stop the cap dream is a 6,2 foot 400 pound man

  • Is that the real dream tho

  • Nice editing tho

  • qhy does he look animated

    • Because he is, dream is actually obese

  • This is clickbait he didn't actually meet Dream irl smh

  • me watching this: SO COOL HIS EYES BLINK.


  • Is this real



  • What the heck Dream and I both have ADHD, have a cat named Patches, and a bunch of other things, I never realized how similar you could be to an influencer when they aren't online. It really causes you to have sympathy for the plights of people

  • I've heard about the camera adding pounds but this camera took 50 pounds off

  • Where is the face ruveel


  • When you look at the thumbnail it looks like tommyinnit

  • so is nobody gonna mention how the guy in the thumbnail posing as dream is literally theodd1sout

  • nah that was not dream it's in animation or a draw or anime style like it cant be real human

  • Was this the real dream sitting on the chair

  • Maybe Dream watched Death Note and got traumitised by it and started wearing a mask

  • dream was cgi this entire interview

    • Wonder if it has anything to do with the recent leaks..

  • his mask is animated hm *maybe its his face?*

  • E

  • Why did he change the thumbnail

  • I bet tons of people walk past dream and they didn’t even know

    • I wouldn't even care. I would probably scream something along the lines of "hey egotistical dumbass"

  • he kinda looks like Logan Paul by his hair being up, but I don’t think so

  • Hi Dream

  • I love you!!! Dream woooo

  • Why is the dream animated that's weird

  • Do Pyromaniacs!

  • wait how is he blinking if its a mask?

  • Nice Dream

  • How is Dream's mask's eyes moving

  • There is a single frame in which you can see his face, lets see if u guys can figure it out.

    • @Hey hey no that dream isn’t real it’s animated you fell for the trap


  • Dream your cool but if you would be a little nicer on the smp ur a good CNtostr your very nice at Minecraft also can I join the smp I’m super good at Minecraft because I want to see you on Minecraft because you are one of the best Minecraft CNtostrs also I want to kill your enemies definitely Tommyinit because I want him dead

  • Image Dream was Nightmare!

  • Dream was this thumbnail of your hair color real?

  • Wait im confused... Is he talking to chair or is that a drawing or wait.... Wait a sec..... It ain't real.... Wait.... What......No

  • I has seen the side of his face and i can determine his entire face

  • Is it just me or do I miss old smosh because old smosh was real comedy

  • Dream

  • Fun

  • i hope i was the editor of this so i could.. you know..


  • Lol it’s not even him you can see he’s drawn

  • omg!

  • bruh you met dream

  • I know I so late to this but you and dream are so cool

  • It's just an AI

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dream

  • wai

  • How the eyes on the mask are blinking🤔

    • It's edited-

  • Wish his fans were less shitty.

  • Please do one interview with Technoblade. Because I think it will be great

  • I don't think people hate dream, they really hate his fanbase, because they are actually pretty annoying and cringe

    • @cheesecake 69 not really?

    • @cheesecake 69 not that much is his fanbase mostly

    • @cheesecake 69 in some ways, still hate dream and his fan base

    • dream himself is also pretty annoying and cringe imo

  • Waite Guys The Mask Is Blinking

  • v cool

  • Should've titled the video "i spent a day with a minecraft speedrun cheater"