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  • 现在没有任何词语可以表达我的感受,恭喜,这首歌很棒 😘

  • 伦哥被jio碎的皮带回来了哈哈哈哈哈哈

  • jackson looks so happy here

  • 把王嘉爾換成郭麒麟可能比較好看

  • 我覺得要有郭麒麟在比較好

  • 嘉尔一直记住小绵羊啊😂

  • 要不杨洋也参加一期?

  • i just realised that Justin here is in fact Justin from Idol Producer! wow, he's grown so much! back then Jackson was his mentor and now they're 'brothers'.

  • 郭麒麟呢?

  • yang mi ❤️💕

  • I love it Jackson


  • 没郭麒麟有点不习惯

  • jackson switches to korean lmao😩

  • Someone know why Kevin Guo not continued to be a member on Season 3?

  • wait!!! thats Deng lun right?? saw him in Yin and Yang master and when he guested in whos the murderer with Justin.. He's a completely different person here 😂😂😂😅 I see a lot of familiar faces, esp "teacher Da" from whos the murderer. Ok I have another show to binge watch...

  • Come here for Jackson 王嘉爾 👑

  • 明昊 . 嘉尔 . 伦伦 .大张伟 .杨幂 💞💞💞🤟🤟🤟

  • what song that the sing in 37:02?



  • 這季沒有郭麒麟了😭

  • 15:35 Yang Mi looks so skinny here. Is it the camera or? Just curious..

  • 看的时候都快憋死了www真想直接冲进去说,就"左"柜和"右"柜不一样w

  • 直接從第一季看到第三季🤣🤣🤣 太好看了 倫哥太好笑了 嚇到的樣子🤣🤣🤣 希望可以一直播下去 太好看了

  • jackson king

  • Lunlun... shining so bright as always❤️

  • here for jackson again

  • 被封面的大幂幂美到 第一次看

  • 邓伦记忆力惊人!

  • 感觉邓伦也特别接地气,杨紫也是哈哈哈!

  • I'm only watching this because of Jackson 😂

  • 38:00 王嘉尔:“我老了~” 我:。。。 你也说的太理直气壮了吧? 看看你的脸,哪里老了?

  • Sorry Im not really familiar nor can read chinese.. is that Justin from nine percent? 🤔 I recognize "teacher da", in whos the murderer thats why he knows Jackson.... 🥰😊

  • Omg I’m so excited who’s been here since season 1??

  • I'm so glad we have subtitles now. I came back to rewatch everything xD

  • 什么时候能够让第一季的老成员合体都回来一起组个局🥺

  • im so happy there are eng subs

  • Here for Jackson Wang

  • 幂姐是不是垫肩了昂

  • 大张伟换成谢依霖 就好了 还是喜欢第一季的成员

  • Where's Jackson? Can't wait to see him....

  • 還是爸爸去哪兒好看 快點下一季吧

  • Finally it has eng sub

  • 看完香覓為鄧倫來的😁 我第一次看鄧倫的綜藝,

  • The obsequious face fascinatingly bake because scorpion immunologically suit underneath a keen bacon. ancient, efficacious mass

  • 有点儿可惜没有大林子了

  • 密室大逃脫迷報到~又可以看到大家了!超期待倫倫被嚇得大叫~哈哈哈哈!我壞壞~

  • Deng lun is here.....

  • Deng lun is so cute... Come for deng lun...

  • Finally have subtitles 🥰

  • 刘耀文是那一期啊?

  • Please invite lisa this kind of show♥♥♥

  • 王嘉尔听到那个音频,顿时怀疑人生。😂

  • 从第一季看到现在,老实说有点想念大勋在的蜜逃了🥺,当然还是好看的啊哈哈哈哈,只是啥时候可以邀请大勋来一集捏

  • omg thank you for eng sub

  • jackson是带了耳钉被打马了吗????

  • jackson wong

  • I love when Deng Lun screams it's so funny hahahaha

  • Wait Jackson is in this I'm definitely watching this

  • 主要来看邓伦被惊吓😂

  • 本日金句✨ 【为什么伦哥上一季会害怕 因为他皮带不见了 如果他的皮带在的话 他根本不会害怕】 --黄明昊

  • 张国伟欢迎回家!!

  • Finally..we got sub

  • 看了第一集大老师和嘉尔黑密室那段 就回来看看大老师见到嘉尔那段!多可爱 大老师看到嘉尔 多么开心 开心地像个小孩 T.T

  • 想念魏大勛

  • Why jackson look so cute

  • Glad to see this new episode with all members, DL memory very sharp but he is easily scared - just to open the box lol, everything had locks inside the house. Thanks for the Engl sub, hopefully, someone will translate all the past eps of this 'Great Escape! (am waiting!)

  • 嘎嘎在这里显得很矮🤣🤣

  • Thanks for adding English subtitles. 😀

  • Deng Lun 🤩

  • WANG JIA ER 😭😭❤️❤️

  • 邓伦是否仿佛看到自己的身影在Jackson身上 🤭🤭🤭

  • 想念魏大勋呢 😭

  • 21:06 that was sweet

  • thank you for the English subs 😁

  • Thanks for Eng subs:)

  • Thank you for the eng sub i really appreciate it we all do us international fans

  • 44:53 I can't read mandarin characters... but I solved this puzzle at the first time I saw it... it is obvious that the titles are the different one 😂😂

  • 🍓👑💚😘 KING

  • 9:52 i want that pillow so bad...the crying deng lun one 🤣😂🤣

  • 37:19 看看张国伟在干嘛h h h h h h h

  • Yang Miii🥰🥰

  • Super happy! They gave us Eng Sub!!!!!

  • 嘉爾好可愛啊 我也突然想到+2是小賈的老師 爺青回阿阿阿

  • Thank you for the SuB!!!!!


  • Jackson denglun and Justin.. ❤️❤️❤️

  • deng lun justin and jackson in the same show❤️

  • Yay English sub👏🏻. Thank you. Now I can sit back and enjoy Deng Lun my love, Yang Mi , Justin, Guo, Teacher Da plus Jackson👍🏻. Love these guys❤️💚

  • 没有郭麒麟呢?以为郭麒麟可以继续在这一季!!

  • Yay English sub 👏 thank you

  • Here for yang mi

  • 29:30 Finally, Jackson arrives.🤘

  • I thought we would never get any subtitle thank!!!

  • 王嘉爾 Jackson at 29:24 💚

  • Here for Jackson ❤️