Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

添加 2021年02月20日
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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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  • guess im the crying child guys

    • I mean Evan made my childhood

    • EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT

    • if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british

    • @Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story

    • who u?

  • Can't wait for MatPat to make a video about the new Security Breach trailer.

  • Game thoery what bout security breach

  • you find a tape, old and dusty. it looks like it has been here for awhile. you find a casset player and insert the crackles to life and here a familiar voice, one that you almost recognize. you sit back and listen to the tape. "i dont understand, nothing could've warned me for this. all my theories never suggested this." aw Matthew, sometimes, you have to expect the unexpected. did you really think you had it solved. how naive. i have so much more in store, and i cant have you figuring things out now." "but...but... what on earth could this be. how did we get here" "shh, lets not spoil the surprise. lets just say things will take a twist. "was it this new fnaf game. how could that had changed things, i had it all solved." ahh, mr Patrick, you are mistaken. you have barely scratched the surface. you have yet to reveal, the Truth. " and what is this, this Truth you talk about." "The Truth, Patrick, is" all of a sudden the casset tape breaks off, and you hurry to fix it. when you do, it has skipped ahead several seconds. you lean forward and start listening again. "but..but, that cant be it. there is no way. "just wait, matthew. you will soon find yourself in a world of chaos, and insanity will devour your work. "but, how can i stop it." "heh heh. there is one answer, follow me" after these last words echoed off to unknown places, the tape suddenly dies, leaving you with many questions, and not much time for answers...

  • What happen to the origanal kids that died i think i missed an video

  • I thought it Said "6 Years ago" and when i saw the number 2020 dear began to eat me from Inside, but god let an invisible force down to me giving me the realesation that it was published 6 DAYS ago, it was Like a Light with such ease of acces on a dark, easy to fall in void

  • in security breach trailer 2 we can see pattern on gregorys shirt that looks like a pattern on crying child shirt. So is the gregory crying child?????


  • Everytime you say the bite of 83 I get enraged. As the meme says, WHaS thAt tHe BiTE OF 8*7*

  • MATPAT where is a little nightmares 2 theory

  • Like always probably not theres like always something that we gotta make a new theory on lol (this not hate btw)

  • do little nightmares

  • Please do a theory on WandaVision

  • Matpat would be great for penywise

  • Holonight is king? No mario is a villian? No the empire is good?..... Yes the planet they exploded only had a couple thousand people (obi wan said) So its the best thing to do to stop that rebbellion with the least casualties

  • Crying child’s name is Gregory as confirmed by the new security breach trailer

  • Οk I agree with you guys, but isnt it too obvious? Think about it Crying child is one of the most mysterious characters in the franchise but have ever thought that Scott is hiding something? CC is referrered as Chris but Evan is something else. I think you should try and find more evidence

  • So in the new security breach trailer in the scene with the kid in front of the many security screens I (and many other people) have noticed two stripes of light gray on their dark shirt which is very close to the crying child’s shirt. And I know that many people have already noticed and realized this. I wanted to make this comment because one of my friends dismissed them as possibly just another character. The reason they dismissed it is that the person’s hair is appearing to be blonde and not brown as the crying child’s hair. I want to bring to attention that some blondes later in life have their hair turn more brown and less blonde. This may be a little loose as the crying child appeared younger and the child in the new trailer appeared a little older to me but it’s a interesting theory. I first thought of this because my friend has blonde hair though their mom, who gave them their blonde hair, their mom now has browner hair. So if that child is the crying child there is a possibility that whoever spoke in the previous trailer, (“Gregory, be still, I think she’s found us.” That voice) might be referring to that child shown. Which could mean that the crying child’s name is Gregory. Now I don’t think this is entirely true as you have to look at it from an interesting angle but I do think it could be possible. I just wanted to share these thoughts and maybe this will cause other people to theorize about other things. Have a great rest of your day!

  • Matpat pls watch the new trailer and uncover it plsss

  • The second trailer for security breach just dropped so when’s the next theory

  • watch the songs it has lore that is in fnaf

  • Crying child is Gregory

  • Matpat, I think purple guy also used the golden freddy suit because if you have the Silver Eyes graphic Novel and flip to page 50, you can see golden freddy with purple eyes. And of you flip to page 72 and 73, you can see springbonnie with purple eyes. And the moist air and movements didnt make purple guy get trapped inside the springbonnie suit, it was charlie. And the animatronics pulled him to the backroom I'm pretty sure.

  • pewdiepie bust down your door "fbi open up"

  • Cc name Is Chris cec gaca life Afton familiy and google

  • My best friend is named Evan and he has a friend named Michael

  • Please do theories on Little Nightmare 2

  • i think the crying child's name is: Evan Afton

  • Idk, but maybe when the balled dude sleeps his dream is that plushy with the walki talki? Etc

  • heres a theory Dream is herobrine all updates said removed herobrine this time dream got world record and hit 1m subs and it didnt say removed herobrine he made a vid about it but he just wants to give us a hint he knew Mojang relised he was herobrine also who is good at coding to hack athers peoples world DREAM this is just the start from now on every vid im gonna tell one more hint pls if a person ses this comment pls like so Game theory cansee anggive evenmore evidens if this comment ge 15 likes next video im gonna tell 2 more hints

  • if you watch the security breach trailer notice the boy standing in front of the security cameras, "Gregory" has 2 gray stripes on his shirt. hes shown standing there like as if has crying, sound familiar?

  • Open the cabinet? No, I don’t think I will..

  • the order of a higher being to come here

  • The new trailer of security breach is out

  • everytime we solve fnaf we get a new trailer

  • I’m using Evan from now on, try and stop me.

  • Whats so important about his name

  • Mindblowing...

  • So you're telling me Reddit has actually done something

  • Hey game theory, so, the crying child is Chris, and he is trapped in shadow freddy. And the purple guy, (unless you already figured it out) Purple Guys name is... Drumroll PLEASE, his name is!! William AFTON, everyone!!!!

  • So basically what he’s trying to say it “You guys are wrong, but y’all are right.”

  • I watch 7 days late. It was my birthday when this came out. I would consider this as a birthday gift.

  • bro my name is jake and the beginning of the video freaked me out

  • my thery is that the all games are real

  • Th e crying child name is Gregory

  • We thought this was big think what he'll do for the new security breach trailer that came out yesterday!!!

  • The conflicting Pennywise intro-

  • Is it another number like seven

  • Matpat: "Lets just forget about security breach, and focus on the books!" Scott: "Okay guys, were releasing the gameplay trailer!" Scott: "That'll teach people to forget about Security Breach!"

  • 5 put the letters in the alphabet can be a sign like 5 stands for e from the tally marks

  • FNAF is one of the games I love watching youtubers play and now we got to wait for the new five nights at freddy's security breach.

  • Crying child is a better name

  • I think this will help, In the Book The Fourth Closet is there Carlton seeing things with Micheal, about lost drawings, but there was a boy mentioned that had a black and white Shirt that is with Carlton Micheal, maybe it's the" Crying Child" I don't remember everything but I think it's the crying Child. That's my Theory. Please read it.

  • Crying child name is Chris

    • @lou63179 no its not. Chris is some stupid name the fnaf Fandom made up

    • I think

  • I think the reasoning of wolfy makes sense! I think that the name we were supposed to find first was Evan! And Cassidy was supposed to be the hard one to get.

  • Now make a Minecraft Theory

  • You know I wonder how many cryptographers and investors this franchise has created with how complicated the puzzles are to uncover the lore for a “kids game”.

  • It’S Chris afton

    • No its not. Chris is just some name the fnaf Fandom made up

  • The Real Jake reminded me of how much I love to watch videos of soldiers coming home

  • I think the game will come out in spring 2021, cuz you know spring Bonney, spring Freddy (Fredbear, spring trap, and most one spring lock tells that every name starts with spring as you can see tell us it will come at spring. BTW im talking about FNAF SB - Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach

  • I'm turning twelve this year.... WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR THREE QUARTERS OF MY LIFE!?!?!?!?

  • Game Theorist,I think his name is Chris/Christopher Afton 😁

    • No its not. Chris is just a name the fnaf Fandom made up


  • I thaugt it was chris afton....

  • cris afton

  • Ok but what if gregory is the crying child

  • I think his name is Sammy

  • MatPat Do Little Nightmares too

  • OMG ur the crying child EVAN OMG

  • Am I the only one who thinks it’s actually Nave....after all Scott is a big troll so he could’ve makes us think it’s Evan but it’s Actually Nave since Nave is a boy name....but hey it’s just a theory! A fnaf theory!

    • Also it costed us 5 years so that’s very hard and we got it so fast so it ca. Be false

  • *guy

  • I'm looking afford to hearing a theory about LITTLE NIGHMARES

  • Did u _had_ to pick _that_ puppet design

  • No, that's the eleventh of the fatui harbringers, childe

  • To be honest, I think that Chris is his real name. So many people use it!

    • @soupinfested guy Well we can all have opinions

    • No its not. Chris is just some name the fnaf Fandom made up

    • there was no proof lol, they only used it bc it was the closest to "crying child"

    • Almost everyone used to call purple guy “vincent”. Was that his real name?

  • is it just me or is cassidy's look that MatPat uses in this video just plain out scary it haunts me in my dreams i cant unsee it anymore

  • Evan is that you

  • I have a feeling that 'Evan' and Michael are not full brothers. Going onto your theory about Henry being the father of 'Evan' (which i very much enjoyed btw) made alot of sense but however would a brother kill another brother without feeling upset about it? (Bite of 83) Michael puts Evans head into freddy and when the accident happens he doesn't seem to show being upset about it perhaps they are half brothers one whos father is Henry (Evan) and the others purple guy (Michael) it would make alot of sense then for the two half brothers to hate each other and for the story to line up

  • The real question now is, where did they get the name Chris, and how? We need to solve 😌


  • Some Compelling Evan-dence

  • Can you do a theory about how the funtimes would not be able to move like they do if they were not possesed?And try and figure out some of the souls names?

  • this video better not have a jumpscare

    • @soupinfested guy lets say that matpat doesnt have a good track record in this regard, tought ive missed some of the recent fnaf ones due that built up mistrust

    • Its not. Stop assuming that all fnaf videos have jumpscares

  • guys just call him chris until scott reveals his name

  • His name is Gregory they reveal this in the fnaf security breach trailor if you look closely you can see the grey lines on his shirt just like the one from the mini game everything seems to match except for the fact that the crying child is dead "or im stupid and you play as him in fnaf4"

  • 13:45 “he’s intense about making money, and he’s really good at it” Flashback to that one theory where Scott is purple guy because of family pictures on the fnaf 4 hallway wall. I think MattPat made it not sure though Scott = Michael. But that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY aaaand cut I haven’t read the book so I don’t know if they tell us what his job is

  • wasn't the crying child micheal afton, and thats why william afon made him a robot, and why he didn't die to the scooper but thr fire

  • I thought you were gonna draw a parowell between psychic friend fredbear and simon becase they both helped the main character who is suffering from a disease in his brain at 13:13

  • I think the crying child is balloon boy

  • No, He died young he couldn't have a son

  • I think you should go back to minecraft creeper because even with no arms it can deal damage to the player without exploding

  • Me when a new Fnaf theory comes out: 🥳

  • Good job reddet

  • when will he realize that crying childs name is chris

    • @Lysandra Renshaw no its not. Chris is just some name the fnaf Fandom made up

    • it was in when fnaf world was released

  • So many theories have me confused. Thought the child was michael ?

    • Michael is the older brother with the foxy mask

  • Who is Funtime Freddy

  • I had to rewatch old theory vids just to watch this one

  • do you remember the times that we thought foxy was good and tried to warn us to get out before it was too late but his voice box was broken from biting the kid in '87? ...yeah

  • that picture he uses for cassidy is scarier than the game