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CHARLOTTE TILBURY Flawless Poreless Primer - £39
UK bit.ly/3hl74oG
US bit.ly/3hl74oG
LAURA MERCIER Tinted Oil Free Moisturiser (1N2 Vanille) - £36
UK bit.ly/3j3Whjl
US shop-links.co/174760051351276...
MILANI Supercharged Undereye Brightener - £13
UK bit.ly/3BXiqZl
US shop-links.co/174760054463334...
CATRICE Lavendar Breeze Palette - £9.95
UK bit.ly/3ihxfyp
BEAUTY PIE Superluminous Undreye Genius Corrector - £7.24
UK tidd.ly/3iUhV9S
US tidd.ly/3iUhV9S
MAC Magic Extensions Mascara - £20
UK tidd.ly/3f7LDHa
US shop-links.co/174760059701734...
LISA ELDRIDGE Lipsticks (Rose Official, Kitten Mischief) - £26
UK bit.ly/3BY6UgC
US bit.ly/3BY6UgC
LISA ELDRIDGE Lip Gloss (Go Lightly) - £18
UK bit.ly/3f9SU9C
US bit.ly/3f9SU9C
LISA ELDRIDGE Highlighter (Crystal Nebula) - £27
UK bit.ly/3zTCREV
US bit.ly/3zTCREV
MAYBELLINE Brow Fast Sculpt - £6.99
UK bit.ly/3BQ3xZ3
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ICONIC LONDON Radiance Booster (Shell Glow) - £30
UK bit.ly/3rFfLit
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NARS Radiant Creamy Colour Corrector (Light) - £24
UK bit.ly/3lfGiSl
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PHYSICIANS FORMULA Butter Believe It Foundation (Fair-Light) - £13.99
UK bit.ly/3BWvkHe
US shop-links.co/174760297722971...
DR SAM Flawless Revival Mask - £32
UK bit.ly/3f6c5Rt
US bit.ly/3f6c5Rt
ABH Blush Stick (Latte) - £30
UK bit.ly/2TFQqbo
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BEAUTY PIE Hyaluronic Miracle Cream - £13.89
UK tidd.ly/375CNWj
US tidd.ly/375CNWj
BEAUTY PIE Hyaluronic Eye Cream - £9.82
UK tidd.ly/3faJxqe
US tidd.ly/3faJxqe

FOUNDATION Chantecaille Future Skin (Porcelain)
UK bit.ly/3rIS5JK
US shop-links.co/174760304978353...
CONCEALER Pat McGrath (L2, L5)
UK bit.ly/3xs6TyD
US shop-links.co/174760306976499...
SETTING POWDER Pat McGrath (Light)
UK bit.ly/3aezXjN
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BRONZER Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow (Light-Medium)
UK bit.ly/3x7GUvj
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BLUSH Givenchy Prisme Libre (Organza Sienne)
UK tidd.ly/3BUqvOA
US bit.ly/3zGa6LM
EYESHADOW Natasha Denona Glam Palette
UK bit.ly/37awlNw
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MASCARA Charlotte Tilbury Push Up Lashes
UK bit.ly/2ZgKZzc
US shop-links.co/174760334076668...
EYE LINER Charlotte Tilbury Exaggereyes Liner Duo (Black)
UK bit.ly/3ri1Eht
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LIP LINER Mac (Boldly Bare)
UK bit.ly/2RxICHl
US shop-links.co/174760345488704...
LIPSTICK Nars Air Matte Liquid Lip (Shag)
UK bit.ly/3iu5NMs
US shop-links.co/174760349673918...


LED Mask Review
Skincare Tip For Autumn & Winter
Best Affordable Cleansers
Why I don’t Cleanse My Skin Anymore
How To Pick The Best Oil Cleanser For Your Skin
Beginners Guide To Tretinoin
How to use an oil cleanser correctly

How to find your skin undertone
Under-Eye Concealer Routine
How to choose the correct foundation shade
How to apply Foundation Flawlessly
How To Stop Concealer Creasing

* DISCLAIMER - I am a qualified Aesthetician but no longer practice in a clinic or a salon as my full-time job is now CNtost. I AM NOT A QUALIFIED MAKE-UP ARTIST. Although I have an in depth knowledge about the skin, and do extensive research before filming to check facts, the opinions expressed in this video are my own.

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I’ve been wanting to try something from Dr. Sam’s line but didn’t know what to pick. Now I do!

  • I am waiting and waiting for Lisa Eldridge’s lipstick in Atomic Cherry to come back in stock. I’m dying to try it! 💄

  • Maybe it’s the skin care that you’re putting underneath the Laura Mercier that makes it oxidize so badly?

    • Check out the review video. I try it on the back of my hand without any skincare and within minutes it was at least 2 shades darker xxx

  • Maybe I am a weirdo but I never mind when you tubers repeat a topic or mention things repeatedly. I am by no means memorizing what you all say. I can’t watch all of your videos and forget a LOT! I’ve seen it in comments before, but can’t understand people who complain about such things.

  • Have you tried Code Beautiful Lash Primer. It’s flipping amazing! I really want to share it with everyone 😊

  • Just ordered the Lisa Eldridge lipstick and gloss. I felt very British paying in pounds! Can't wait to try them out.

  • The max mascara did nothing for me and the smell is so strong I couldn’t stand it!

  • I nave the Mac mascara and I do love it. I curl my lashes , then apply my EL lash primer, then the mascara and I have no problems. Thanks 😊

  • Hey Gemma :-))) Ha ha ha green hair and dungarees lol. You have already done body Oompa Loopa a few years back with the fake body tan ha ha oxoxo

  • Hi please tell me what shade I would be in Estee Lauder double wear if the 2N1 desert beige in the double wear light is perfect for me.

  • so amazing to hear you love our Radiance Booster! 😍😍😍

  • I bought the Physician’s Formula foundation after your review. Love it!! Only drugstore high coverage foundation that goes on smoothly on me. No polka dot pores here. Just beautiful

  • I’m really liking the CT brow gel. I don’t think I need the fibers in the Benefit Gimme Brow and I like the APPLICATOR WAY BETTER. I’ve had trouble with foundation oxidation under a mask due to INTERACTION between CHEMICAL SUNSCREEN and HEAT/MOISTURE. For me, the NARS needs to have a cooler and lighter shade of the corrector. I feel like Tarte makes a corrector with a lovely tone. I’m not sure if it’s still available. The blush stick I really love is the Joue Cheek/Lip Duo with the shades Promise Me and Celebrate Me in cool and warm rose shades respectively. It’s $32 at Sephora abs a pretty good value. Likewise the ABH Blush Trios-beautiful colors and great value(&10 per shade!!!!).

  • I use the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in same shade Vanilla without oxidation, HOWEVER I’m not using the oil free version. Not sure if that helps anybody 😊

  • I think the BP under eye correcter is misunderstood by many. The light/medium and medium/dark isn't meant to be for your skin tone but for the colour of the undereyye problems you are trying to conceal. I think the light is meant for blue and the medium for brown.

  • Also have you tried the Dior backstage glow blush which is getting rave reviews?

  • I use the brow sculpt affordable and brilliant. It’s my go to with or without makeup.

  • I love your videos and find them most helpful and informative. Thank you. I have mature combo skin, tendency to be oily in the t-zone and normal on the rest of my face. .I have no issues with the tinted moisturizer from LM. I love mine. It gives my skin a light coverage with light feel and keeps the shine away--which is perfect for summer here in Virginia. It doesn't settle in fine lines. I'm 53. Also, I have found and LOVE the Becca under eye brightener. (Becca is going out of business so I stocked up. a small pot lasts literally for months and months.

  • I’ve had same problems with LM tinted moisturizer. Full orange 🍊 on my fair skin!

  • Great video! Love to see how to cover the hallow area under the eyes. Thanks to you I have covering the dark down ❤️

  • Also did not like the under eye thing by Beauty pie, I can just about use it in the winter ( at a push)

  • Have you tried Bobbi Brown's Jones Road Beauty? They now deliver to the UK. I'm intrigued by the products but the wording (Miracle Balm, the best eyeshadow etc) makes me wonder if I'm more interested due to the marketing or if the products are worth trying. Not sure you'll like the miracle balm's consistency. I do quite like the look of the pencil and single powder shadows but wondering are they really different enough to other products to warrant buying them.

  • I wish we could get Boots no 7 makeup in Australia. It’s very hard to find

  • Try the new e.l.f. sleeping mask your skin feels so hydrated the next day I've tried lots of products and sleeping mask and they have all been rubbish this one is lovely you can use it as a 15 min mask or heavy moisturizer too if you're having a very dry day it doesn't leave a film on your skin like some sleeping mask do it's sooooo good their hydrating serum is also very good doesn't pill sinks right into your skin instantly feel plumped up and fresh both are lovely the happy hydration cream is also beautiful I used to spend a lot of money on skincare and the e.l.f products have been much nicer and done more for my 40 year old skin than a lot of the high end stuff the make up melting balm also soooooo good gets my waterproof mascara off first go and with ease I've tried a lot of oil and balm cleanser and theirs is perfection

  • Great video as always. Thanks for being so thorough. Could you please give a shout as to where your earrings are from? Really love them. Thank you

  • I wish I could find a concealer that covers the bags under my eyes, every concealer I’ve used (from high end Bobbi Brown, NARS to lower end Maybelline) they all emphasized my bags even when I didn’t seem to have bags before applying make up

    • Wayne Goss had a tutorial recently on concealer placement that may help. I also have puffiness, bags and dark circles. Basically less is more .. and only apply on the inner third under the eye.. it seems to work ...

    • I have bags, too, and have finally thrown in the towel on concealers. From what I've researched, I think surgery is pretty much the only option 😔

  • Hi Gemma, I bought Lisa Eldridge lipstick, its an older shade she had in 2020 collection. I loved it also the lip gloss. So happy you did a review on her products!

  • Fab video Gem!! 😃

  • I like this format better. Thank you for the change.

  • Love, hugs and kisses 😘

  • Ulta brow tint is my new fav. holds pretty dang good!

  • Gemma, I love your top! Also, that color is gorgeous. Makes you glow my beautiful friend!

  • Very good video!!! Is ABH cream blush comparable with the color of Mac creamblend blush in "Brit Wit"? Thank u

  • I've seen a couple people say that Mac mascara is SO good. Even this girl in a FB makeup group made a post about it and her eyelashes looked SO good! It made me want to try it out so badly! I think I might just try it out anyway lol idk!

  • Interesting remarks on the NARS corrector! I find it gives great coverage for me (compared to Bobbi Brown). Thanks for your thoughts on these products. I like your thinking on commenting for all the products you’ve tried. That beauty pie hylauronic moisturizer sounds and looks a lot like an Elf product I have. Very moisturizing.

  • The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer also oxidizes on me!!!!

  • I love your shirt! You look stunning 😍 great video, I look forward to these every month!

  • I can’t wear any of Laura Mercier products! I thought it was just me! Total Oompa Loompa!

  • Re Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer: its not you!!

  • Thank you

  • Hi I looked at this BEAUTY PIE Superluminous Undreye Genius Corrector and it says to use under skin

  • Gems you must try Lisa Eldridge Velvet muse. My favourite by far. Even Looks good on my mum and shes 75. Matched with Victoria Bechams lip pencil in 02

    • Agree! It's beautiful, and the matching gloss looks gorgeous too. Maybe next payday!

  • Hi Gemma So I am using the Laura mercier product and I haven’t had issues. It is a great product and I use it now since it’s summer and I find it light weight. I love your videos esp when your mom joins you 😁

  • Hi! I’m confused. The written description info says your foundation worn here is Chantacaille but when you showed the PF Butter Believe It you said it was the foundation you were wearing. 🙃 Whichever it was it looks stunning!

    • You’re right, that’s an oversight in the listed products. I’ll correct it. Apologies xxx

    • I thought the same 🤭.

  • Lisa Elridge's products are stunning and very unique in formula as well as shades, her velvet lipsticks and highlighter have becoming my must-haves. 😍💖Cannot get my hands on her blush yet😔, should have ordered it at pre-launch, because you can't go wrong with her products.

  • I agree with your review about the new MAC mascara. It didn’t compare to my Thrive mascara. My Loreal Unlimited mascara looked way better than the MAC, as well.

  • I thought the brushes on the end of the stick blushes were supposed to pop out for cleaning? Or was that the Makeup by Mario ones??? Everybody is coming out with one, hard to remember. Loved that color though. 💜 would also really love to see you do the new reverse cat eye as well!

    • You might be right Felicia. Probably me being dim 😂

  • Would you recommend the beauty pie cream for oily skin since it’s lightweight? Also what do you recommend for under eye puffiness? It’s new for me and I despise it.

    • I had the same problem with puffiness what worked for me was cutting out salt, not having enough sleep can also lead to puffy eyes, because when your over tired you yawn more then your eyes water and that can also cause puffy eyes, I was trying loads of lotions and potions and wasted lots of money in the process,🤦‍♀️ cutting down in my salt intake really helped, hope this helps 💚

  • I don’t have the new oil free version of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, but I do have the original version and I can confirm that the shade 3C1 Fawn oxidizes and turns orange too.

  • You are my doppelgänger from the eyes up! Your eye shape, lids, brows & face structure are just like mine. So, I love to copy your eye looks. Always enjoy your videos & advice & appreciate your hard work & straight forward opinions. 🥰

  • Hi,would love your opinion on Vieve products , are they really as good as the hype they are getting?

  • Hi Gemma! You go on with your sassy self...love it!

  • Love your shirt, so girly and pretty, you look great in bright colors. I bought the Butter Believe it foundation on your recommendation but haven't tried it yet, you are correct that the shade selection is limited

  • Please do a hair video - how you style and care for your hair

  • Lol loved the failed

  • FYI. Idk if you’ve thought about this or not Gemma but I was considering the cushion foundation by Chanticaille and someone mentioned not being able to clean the cushion. 😧😧😧 I hadn’t thought of that so I’m going to pass. When you mentioned the brush on the ABH it reminded me!

  • Gemma, I so want to go out for drinks with you. You're a blast!

  • Oh you are so entertaining and so real. I so enjoy your videos and really take note of your skin care recommendations. Loved this "new" format of the favorites and fails as it really summarizes your monthly experience with the products that you tried. I must try more of Lisa Eldridge products as your face told the story of how you feel about those products.

  • Hi Gemma, great video. I'm with you on the BP under eye luminous cream, it's disappointing for coverage. I use it just for the dents in my inner eye socket 🤣

  • Great video 🌸

  • Hi Gemma:) Regarding ABH blush stick, I've seen in another video (can't recall whose unfortunately; maybe Angelica Nyqvist?) that the brush end can be detached so you can wash it easily (please check cautiously - I'm not 100% sure). As to usability of the brush - regularly I would chose a separate brush 10/10 times. But...if away and need to pack light, I've seen in the same "other" video that you could first swipe the detached brush end over the blush stick end and than use tapping/patting with the brush. A hassle but worked reasonably ok it seemed. Hope this helps in some way :)

  • I agree. The BP under eye product is horrible and very sticky. A complete waste of money x

  • I really want to get Dr Sam’s face mask. Her cleanser is divine, I don’t usually like gel cleansers, but hers is such a delight to use and I love the texture, especially at the end of the day after wearing face covering all day at work.

  • Lisa Eldridge cosmetics can’t be beat, well, not the 3 I have which are same ones you have. Thank you, it’s great to know what’s works actually works before parting with my 💰. Sooo, where did you buy your blouse? So happy and eye catching.

    • I got it from New Look Donna. Not expensive xxx

  • I love the Positions

    • I meant the physicians butter foundation lol I really like it too lol

  • Completely agree with you on that new Mac mascara. Had a travel size come through the post as a free sample just before it was released in Boots. It came with a £5 off a full size voucher. After the first use I knew I wouldn't be needing that voucher. Made my long eyelashes look like crumpled spiders legs! As for Dr Sam skincare, my routine involves quite a few of her products. The mask is a new release and I'm adding it to my next order as hearing so many good things about it. Her lip balm is amazing!

  • Hi Gemma You r wearing Chantecaille foundation quite alot is it your absolute favourite even better the physicians formula?

  • You want to live in ireland we get nothing new here super annoying 😒 still no infallible powder foundation said it before I know but seriously x

  • Oh yeah. I remember when you turned orange 🍊😬

  • Hi Gemma, I love these videos 😊 i have a question for a hiped technique, slugging. I find it really interesting but I really don't want to put on petroleum of any kind on my skin. Have you tried this and if yes, what products do you use? Or what would you recommend other than vasiline? Thank you in advance 😊

    • @Pampered Wolf I'll try the method with lanoline instead of petrolatum 😊 if it works I'll tell you 😊

    • @Pampered Wolf thank you both 😊

    • I mentioned slugging in s previous question and answer skincare video. My thoughts…great if you have irritation, not to be fine every day, and it’s not suitable for everyone especially if you’re blemish or acne prone xxx

    • Aquaphor works great for slugging! I use it after applying tretinoin and it is amazing.

  • LOL. You're just cracking me up today! Thanks!

  • The BP under eye works best under a concealer. It’s more like a color corrector ☺️

  • Would love to see a pic of you with the orange effects of Laura Mecier foundation hahaha!

  • I bought Physicians Formula Butter Believe It. I love it!!! I need to get used to a little goes a long way lol

  • The fails are equally as important as the faves. Knowing which products to avoid is crucial for our purses, sanity AND the sheer amount of waste materials these create. How and why did Catrice think that washed out was anything we needed? Saying that, I watched a vid about a high end palette (I think it was the new Chanel palette - but I'm not 💯 sure). Well, this palette had about the same pigment payoff as the Catrice did!! Bless, the YT'r, she tried so hard to be upbeat and positive, saying it's a "soft, elegant look" , and all the time I'm thinking it's crap! 😂😂😂 Well, it was! Gemma, how many times are you going to look like an Umpa Lumpa 🤣? Sorry love, but it was so funny. Brilliant vid, thank you, 💗💗💞💞💗💗

    • I’m here to inform and entertain Chrissy 😂😂😂

  • I think I am going to get the Maybelline Brow Fast Sculpt even tho if I had more money the Brow Trio Alegra Chetti (that's her channel name) put up about 2 days ago looks even better but it's 36 bucks. I'm on a temporary no-buy but I'd like to get my brows looking fuller. Have you ever tried the COSRX snail serum products, they are doing 'miracles' on my already good skin. Thx Gemma, much love!!

    • @Pampered Wolf The serum alone is getting rid of my one age spot along with dry fasting. Best skincare I've tried. Do you hv a video on it, would love to watch that one. TY Gemma!

    • Yes I’ve tried some Cosrx snail products. Some hits, some misses but skincare is so personal xxx

  • I haven't heard any one say a bad thing about Lisa Aldridge cosmetics. Have you tried any of her blusher's? Your video has been really helpful, thank you 😀

  • Great video Gemma, would love to see a video from you reviewing your Lisa Eldridge products. They do look absolutely divine, would love to see the colours on fairer skin.. xx

  • try Revlon eyebrow gel- new product comes in several colors - sculpting with fibers.. best for eyebrow challenged - I use the grey/brown (cool soft brown no red) and the color clear also. the clear has fibers! it is thick and sticks brows up, down and upside down. best for me so far!

  • Catrice eyeshadow palettes ain’t very good tbh. You seriously need to try bh cosmetics eyeshadow palettes! Available from beauty bay . I would love to see your thoughts and review 🙏🏼

  • Hi Wolfness!!! The packs been waiting for this‼️Thank you so much!!!! Really appreciate all of your hard work, trials and tribulations of being our very own beloved “ guinea pig” !!! You are make ups last stop for us!!! And we need every last drop of honest evaluation we can get! Sending love and health to you♥️😉🤗🥰😂🕉💕🧚🏻‍♀️🌸😉‼️. Sue in Santa Barbara, California, USA♥️😘

  • Will you be trying the Wet N Wild tinted hydrator for those of us who don’t want to pay Laura Mercier prices? Available on Justmylook :)

    • @Nicola Pattison Amazon has it as well 😊

    • @Nicola Pattison also available on Boozyshop!

    • It's out of stock, all shades!

    • The wet n wild tinted hydrator is so awesome!!!!

    • Yes please and the wet and wild primer ❤️ it’s silicone free 😃

  • Love me some Jemma