UOL vs PGG - Tie Breaker LoL MSI 2021 Group Stage | Unicorns of Love vs Pentanet.GG full game

添加 2021年05月 9日
MSI 2021 PGG vs UOL 2021 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Round 1 - Unicorns of Love vs Pentanet.GG. MSI 2021 PGG vs UOL VOD.
2021 MSI full playlist:
League of Legends Season 11 Mid-Season Invitational in Iceland.
Seventh game of the day - Unicorns of Love vs Pentanet.GG vs best of 1. UOL vs PGG.

Unicorns of Love Line-up:
Top - BOSS Gnar
Jungle - AHaHaCiK Kha'Zix
Mid - Nomanz Viktor
ADC - Lodik Kaisa
Support - SaNTaS Alistar

Pentanet.GG Line-up:
Top - Biopanther Jayce
Jungle - Pabu Karthus
Mid - Chazz Lee Sin
ADC - Praedyth Xayah
Support - Decoy Nautilus

Patch: 11.9 - Season 11
Game date: 09.05.2021 | 05/09/2021 | May 9th 2021
Game place: Reykjavík, Iceland
Casters: Captain Flowers and Raz

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    • @Easton Colten yup, been watching on Flixzone} for months myself =)

    • Pro tip : watch movies at flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies lately.

  • So that hex flash @19:10

  • Massive respect for OCE region they are really good also fuck Na lcs

  • Man costreams are so much better than these casters, the little mistakes are tiny triggers the more I watch, like "Decoy's flash exhaust, he is my mvp" bro, Decoy doesn't have exhaust. You already talked about how karthus has exhaust and now you forgot already

    • Better analysis with unforgiving banter/criticism is always better. 100p agree.

  • Is that a girl?

  • Kha’zix got man handled... if you pick khazix you need to pick your fights smart. He didn’t pick it right once and then it just snowballed out of control. Then he kept over extended again and again while behind.

  • 33:14 the girl standing straight up was the same height as pabu after bowing lol

    • @Hyperion for real? That's cool

    • Is she so tiny or is he so tall?

    • @A lonely Cucumber Shes their sub

    • I am as tall as that girl!!!! Is that girl their mascot?


  • aHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHacik

  • Raz is not a good commentator

  • crazy how league tournaments always have the most annoying commentators

  • Take the masks off fools

  • 28:30 teLEPort moment


  • 30:12 adc throw his R

  • First jayce that didn't run it down

  • A haha Lose

  • a HAHA sick is a HAHA deadz

  • I'm glad pgg won, they make entertaining games unlike uol who just play behind all game until they lose.

  • @25:04 what? 😂

  • Unsure if its been said but it only took Riot to shutdown the OPL and a worldwide pandemic to allow OCE to finally move into the next round of an international, proud to call myself an Aussie!

  • 15:39 I'm pretty sure k6 wouldve killed them all if he wasn't a pussy and went for it, exhaust and flash down from the side of pgg and k6 still had his flash and ult up.

  • Nothing to do with the game, just my personal preference, somehow I just don't want to see that green hair dude anymore, just why!!

  • 🌎 🎊 🎉 Yeeeeee OCE world champs 2021 🎉 🎊 🌍

  • ヽʕ •ᴥ•ʔノ Raise your koalas ヽʕ •ᴥ•ʔノ

  • Я хочу развидеtь эtо... Я зашёл лишь 4tобы прочесtь комменtы хД

  • Yayyyyyy pentanet gg go legends!

  • Man don't sleep on Pabu and PGG! Back in 2018 he beat Doublelift/Faker/Rookie in the 1v1 before losing to caps in the final. Then he made it to the 1v1 finals the next year and lost to Bwipo. The dude is mechanically on par with the best in the world.

    • @Lotus Shadow tldr

    • @TatooineDream watch the games, yes i think faker and rookie were trying to entertain more than trying to win, faker ran into the bush and got ran down auto attacked, rookie 2x he lost tower dove pre 6 almost and died through multiple tower shots, i do believe they won't be doing those under normal circumstances

    • @Aaron Best not roll over but not try hard against, faker darius v cas faker walked on the bush got ran down auto attacked hardly mechanical at all, against rookie, 2x rookie lost, rookie tower dove pabu pre 6 and got killed with multiple tower shots, you think faker and rookie would do such thing on the real rift? They were trying to entertain more than trying to win, rookie didnt even know that it was a best of 3 lol, yup try harding without knowing the rules before the games I agree pabu has been playing well, all im saying is you could have just said that instead of trying to say he is on par mechanicaly to rookie and faker Another example bwipo, he won a 1v1 title, but just top lane alone, he is nowhere near the best mechanical top laner

    • @Lotus Shadow you really think Faker/Uzi/Rookie/Doublelift all just folded and let the man run over them?? I am saying that Pabu has landed a disgusting amount of skillshots at MSI this year and has been dueling with the world's best for years now. Getting all these games under their belt, I think will make PGG a serious upset threat to the top teams

    • @Lotus Shadow you're crazy if you think most players dont try hard in those 1v1's. SOME troll. MOST try hard. they didnt get to be pros without having intense levels of competitiveness

  • First pick gnar, ban amumu... Why do that? As a bronze player can know that unicorn of loss is trolling, this makes no sense to me,

    • Gnar is a safe jg and pss was playing amumu in scrims

  • What’s with amumu ban?

    • @Joeygb well, one of those random picks became a ban card, so it aged pretty well lol I'm just so happy for PGG, especially seeing their coach making his chair look like a trampoline

    • @JH they were already guaranteed first place before that game, so some of their picks were a bit random. It doesn’t seem like a bad pick tho

    • @Joeygb Ah? Maybe it seemed like a fairly good pick then lol Hope it doesn't get picked in my solo rank games

    • @JH he only played it for the final regular season game as a meme haha

    • @JH awesome, thanks for the clarity. I like to run him for fun but hadn’t seen him in pro play this year.

  • It doesn't matter besides, pgg will only grab 1-2 wins in the 2nd phase👎

    • give them credit where it's due.

    • Advance to the top 6 does matter, it proves how strong your region is.

  • I’ve been waiting forever for a khazix pick

    • @TheKench Just a bad draft for Khazix. Khazix is a specialised champion. His pros are mainly about punishing greedy picks not to be picked as a greedy pick.

    • khazix should stick in solo queue with how the meta revolves around having semi tanks and tanky top and supports with CC chain that can be done via point and click a khazix would have a hard time winning late game if he doesn't get a strong lead

    • honestly defending the base he was like a cannon minion. khas just useless at that point lol

    • @TheKench Yep, Kindred would've made a difference.

    • Yeah and it was terrible xD just Pick kindred man....

  • To be honest, even vs RNG, PGG was really better than UOL. The teamplay is better

    • Which is why I think this year's MSI format is interesting as it gives the minor regions a chance to learn, look how much PGG grew despite expectations

    • Tbh it looked like they learn how to outplay and outskirmish from playing against RNG. Even the tower dive and all.

  • They’ll go home anyways :))

    • Only 1 team can win. What do you mean?

  • Why EU so quiet? KEKW

    • @flying1 A I think you dont know the teams from LEC besides it's funny how NA still talks cause honestly nobody cares about them...

    • @Gavrata Mazalov LMAO good try

    • @Abda Samio UOL is a German Organisation, they only reason they In CIS is cause they couldn't get a franchise in the LEC

    • UOL is a cis team not an Eu team but i wouldn't expect an NA fan to have the intellect to know that

    • @Trilobite उन्मत्त sh dont tell me russia is mostly in asia

  • respect PGG

  • SPOILER: . . . . I wasn't even rooting for UOL. Since Gadget left, they lost a very good player and had little chance to advance further. It's a unicorn miracle their team made it this far. Their new adc is not good. I don't mean he's bad. But he's... just playing. Try to remember at least 1 engagement done by him. I should say, he's playing passively. It's definitely not the adc's way. Compare him to GALA, 1st roster and he's making plays by himself! Mid is terrible. Just terrible. I really don't understand why even commentators say that he's good or "the best player in the team". Anyone can be the best if he's been fed by the team or with Kassawin! Moreover, he just can't play other champions like he's almost never played them, no skill. Support should be the adc. I can remember at least 2 times this day where he could just press S and give the kill to ANYONE else, without losing the kill. Why did he do it? As a support main, I hate his playstyle. Sure he made some good plays, but he has an agressive playstyle and I think he could have been better off with champions like Pyke or even "support TK". As I'm from LCL, I would really like to see BOSS, AHAHACIK, Gadget with 2 other members to form a good team.

    • в смысле не болеешь за единорожков?

    • Nice essay

  • Sad so sad for LCL...

  • Congrats PGG! I was super excited for this game and was rooting for PGG the whole way Nice job making it out of groups and making oceania history

  • After the game with RNG 2 in a rows, PGG totally transformed into a new PGG :) So excited to see, love the team!

    • I mean oce literally has no players left these guys dont even have there real coach on stage cause he has a job coaching doesnt pay enough and this uol made it out of play ins at worlds when they had gadget

    • @N1ic1o your mean HAHAHAHAA

    • Lol they only looked good cuz its uol. Stop it.


  • As an LEC player, its nice to see OCE make it out of the round robin. It was bound to happen one day!! Congrats OCE.

    • @115DELDE bro it is called eu region. Lec is the championship of the pros

    • @Kai Chen Also, jungle Rumble is a power pick since his overheat on-hit damage got buffed to do %maxHP damage, which became very valuable to clear camps

    • @Kai Chen E cd reduced for Lee, gives him much better wave clear and better trade patterns. For Morg, her W damage to camps was buffed by A LOT, she can now full clear before crab spawns at 3:15. Jungle camps got nerfed big time last year too, so a lot of ganking junglers have been indirectly nerfed since they can't be as aggressive in lanes now as they'll get counterjungled and get gapped even more

    • @Kai Chen E cd buff and W buff cause lee sin to be a strong laner and out-trade his opponent easily with lifesteal from W and low cd from E. Morganna W damage is buffed against jungle monsters so she can clear jungle with an exceptionally high speed, together with Rumble, who also get buffed. Therefore, with a higher clear speed, you can secure neutral objectives or gank lanes more frequently without giving up camps.

    • @Kai Chen my understanding is a change to his W and with new items make his wave clear super strong... Add that to mobility and sustain makes him a super strong laner. Then for Morg and as you see with Rumble riot wanted to inject new champs into the jungle giving them bonus to monsters and a few other changes has changed the jungle meta.

  • Who is the cringe guy. He is funny lol. This was the easiest group btw. OCE just needed to beat UOL to make it to the next stage.

    • @Beowulf

    • @FedoraTheExplorer what is her full name? Does she have ig or fb?

    • @Beowulf Diana, her ign is DSN, signed as a sub for MSI. She is a solo queue player from here in OCE and plays support, hasn’t played a professional game

    • @FedoraTheExplorer What is the name of the girl?

    • @FedoraTheExplorer thank you

  • 32:22 thats my facial expression when i look at my team in SoloQ.

  • This has to be the worst day of international League of Legends play in the history of the game.

    • Why? is always fun watching NA lose that shit never gets old

    • @You don’t even own a suit! Lol I love the MSI! Don't know what u talking about 😂

    • @You don’t even own a suit! every groups stage for every international event has been like that. The second round of round robins is always 1 group a day. So if you don’t like the teams in that group you won’t like the day but it’s been like that for the last few international events at least

    • Has nothing to do with the players/teams... just the way it formed due to a team not being able to come. Of course it's boring.

    • @You don’t even own a suit! That's because VCS can't come but I agree that the quadruple robin is boring.

  • Group A had too hard schedule. UOL looked tired... It’s sad but it’s impossible to do 5 games without false. I guess PGG kept enjoying though they did too many games. It’s really great. (I’m sorry for my poor English, but I really want to say GGs...) Anyways GGs groupA and congratulations PGG!

    • Honestly I think thats just all excuses as a player, being fatigued is in every sport. And every player has to be conditioned to play in those circumstances. From really physical sports to like boxing, to even golf. Thats why you are paid and a professional. If thats why you lose, youre not built for the competition.

    • @Lê Hoàng maybe but getting dumpstered by rng over and over gave pgg a very rapid improvement curve

    • I think PGG can go though is partly because GAM is unable to go to MSI

    • @ちゃんnuma To be fair, PGG had to go through the same schedule (plus they had to play the tie-breaker as their third game in a row in day where they had to play five games, so UOL had the upside there)

    • though true, that's also what you need to compete. mental strength. plus after the group stage it's best of 5 so playing 5 games back to back could happen so you have to be able to do it!

  • OCE will not be silenced

  • diana was a super good B5 pick. Fast-pushing mid, has kill potential onto karthus and can steal his camps too.

    • @ManGan game goes worse if they have diana tbh

    • @Youssef Hammam ah yes i agree lee sin is good into diana (i'd R5 other things tho) but diana has a better push early, and aside from her lv1 her jg clear speed is insane, you can gank mid into 2-man invades and shut down karthus from the get go. I still think B1 gnar is a ff15 pick tho.

    • @ManGan yes but I think lee sin is good vs diana

    • @Youssef Hammam why? mid diana was never a teamfighting champion, it's a kill-lane, snowball one. I stated why i thought it was good, I'd be out of my mind if i said diana > viktor for teamfighting purposes.

    • and a lee sin that can kick you if you ult anyone to prevent the blast dmg

  • The naut canceling lee insec at 17 min hurt. Was a clean lee play but sup fucked it up

  • worst botlane on tournament


  • Sadly

  • Na dogshit region omg.

  • Kotaro Tatsumi as coach is too op

    • @IIIIIIII Obrigado buen hombre.

    • I just though the same, PGG players got "raided" for sure during breaks to keep them motivated.

    • salve salve familia

    • @JC hermano kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk muito engraçado português amigão

    • A man of culture. Hermano du brazil. Cuidate.

  • Can’t wait to see the EU kids say UOL isn’t an EU team anymore all of the sudden

    • @The Teamx boy you do know UOL doesn't play in LEC right??? so.....they dont represent EU besides it's funny how americans still talk you know that UOL could win against the best NA team right? xD

    • @MAD Fangays never said that

    • @rylotz keep coping kid. EU kids like you say UOL is an EU team when they win but a Russian team when they lose. Keep coping

    • @Fwble _ its like saying Infinity esports are NA

    • @Fwble _ as I said to your NA friend, I support the team that represent EU, and this team is called MAD lions

  • So fast