深入英國最瘋狂城市!!利物浦的生活你想過嗎?? | Liverpool is WILD!!

添加 2019年12月17日
Never seen a city as wild as Liverpool. People here really know how to have a good time!
Anyway, two points to the Asians!
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  • 2021 here. Omg I miss the pre-covid time so much. Throw back to when I was first watching this video I was actually in preparation for the master course in UK that would start in 2020 and thinking that I would have such vibrant life in the UK like Torres did in this video. Then the covid shit came and all my plans turned into delusion.

  • Torres居然也是KOP,欣慰

  • 去利物浦一定要去Penny Lane

  • 利物浦是我现在生活的城市。希望可以遇到拖哥

  • So cool starting the chant

  • Go for a pint and chug it. :)

  • 小时候我爸喜欢曼联队,所以我们天天看英超球赛,可是我怎么也不喜欢曼联,一直是杰拉德的小粉丝,所以一直默默的支持利物浦,没想到现在的利物浦,英超界的扛把子,听说利物浦是下层阶级的人士创建的球队,所以英超界的豪门球队都排挤他,没想到,现在的利物浦就是一只天鹅

  • thank you Torres I lived in Liverpool for 5 or 6 years happy days

  • 这集的英语 真的很棒的感觉

  • I love masalleh chicken

  • 太U質

  • love it

  • You are the one I look up to 🥺

  • The best country in the world!

  • 呢集好正,托哥對著咩人都敢影敢講敢做,犀利💪

  • LONG LIVE LIVERPOOL! LONG LIVE.... *forced into a dark van*

  • 求9:04秒bgm

  • 9:08 so did Torres pouch him then?

  • YNWA

  • 剪辑好棒!👍👍👍

  • 托哥 没想到你也是利物浦球迷呀!!太赞了

  • once you go yellow you cant go mellow your friends always follow gimme the best swallow

  • My favorite ep ever

  • 亚博体育,安全正规入口:ybke.cn 亚博发久久,买球玩球来的都发!!!!

  • 哈哈哈哈有趣

  • People say "cheers mate" way more than "thank you"(unless you talk to old granny).

  • 最後的演技派 唔攞金像獎最佳男主角嘥曬

  • 看托哥真的纯为了学英语,每个单词都讲得很清楚

  • 那是黄牛票 我也买过 For Liverpool game, Liverpool vs Brighton. And i ran away with the membership card. Cause what they do are not right ! I pay £600++ for 2 golden seat tickets, and i got the upper seat like yours !

  • Love UK

  • 想念利物浦

  • 亞洲之光⋯⋯

  • 笑,令你既親和力爆錶。add oil.

  • 曼联球迷路过哈哈😄

  • 兩個英國妹好正

  • 啊啊啊啊啊!拖哥来利物浦啦!!!!

  • 这集的质量太高了

  • 搭訕王😂

  • 越看越喜欢,哈哈哈

  • 利物浦球迷來了,allez allez allez You’ll never walk alone

  • 这一集真滴圈粉了,但是9:09那个白人傻逼似乎是在比racism的手势

  • That is cheap! I spent £1400 for 5 tickets watching arsenal Vs Liverpool.

  • every help is based on Good English😿

  • 兄弟把妹好厉害啊

  • 带唱队歌那段真的超犀利

  • 跟美国相比,英国城市感觉太古老,几百年没啥变化吧?

  • Wait, so you asked people from Manchester city to help you buy a Liverpool game ticket? Wow, you've got guts. (YNWA)

  • 在利物浦上学的表示这里的女生真的不怕冷的,吊带短裤短裙在零度有挺多。。每天都有人光着脚提着高跟鞋走,酒是下午两三点开始喝的。。刚来的时候觉得利物浦的口音也太可怕了啊不是我印象中的英音啊。。

  • this episode too sweet it killing single dog

  • 又肥番d

  • ha ha ha ha amazing video🤣🤟👍

  • 感觉离出柜距离又近了一点

  • 托哥,你什么时候去的利物浦?

  • Liverpool!

  • Take away from this video: Hoes ain't get cold

  • This is so cool !!

  • Torres said his dream is to go to anfield. I wonder if he named himself after Torres?

  • How tall is GG?

  • 托哥D英文進步不少

  • Argentina is also very cold at night, no matter summer or winter. The girls still dresses a little. I always wondered how they feel, when I was living in Argentina.

  • Free Hong Kong

  • 这集很有含量

  • 😂

  • 去揾mario 拍corssover

  • 如果欧冠之夜你在利物浦 绝对永生难忘

  • 9:12 Those girls are beautiful !! Especially the left one

  • Well done.

  • Finding it so hard to fit in UK, I really don't like alcohol and football, barely have a friend🙃

  • Team Yellow!

  • 很羨慕你這麼有自信

  • This is one of my favourite cities in the world, the people from Liverpool are indeed quite different from the ones from the rest of England. I hate to generalise, but they are on average nicer haha..

  • 托哥,牛逼。哈哈

  • 快滚哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

  • 的士讓我想起fake taxi

  • 真系超中意体你去旅游的video.超精彩.记得以前你去荷兰果个video都系超精彩。希望你以后多d去唔同地方旅游

  • im liverpool fan❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 8:42 女人絕對是世上最禦寒的生物

    • @李逍遙 不是海鮮要冷藏嗎? >.

    • @李逍遙 haha use it or lose it right?

    • 上衣厚下衣薄。 鮮奶要保溫,火腿要冷藏

  • U r the greatest striker in the game in behalf of Asian lmao 😆

  • I only recognize that fake taxi

  • that's the difference between the cops in UK and the popo in HK LMAO

  • 不是我瞧不起英国,中国制造,高铁,手机拼命在英国敛财,英国除了教英语能赚点以外还剩什么了? 好像又回到了茶叶和咖啡的年代了,好怕英国再来一次鸦片战争啊😱

  • 真好啊 好热情

  • 英國女仔真係冇凍呢個字,幾度都係着一件one-piece去clubbing, 我地呢啲虧虧asian仲要着大褸去clubbing, 未入去已經輸咗🙃

  • Liverpool is garbage joke ciry

  • One of your best vlogs in 2019, looking forward more amazing from 2020!

  • Torres, you should create a Snapchat account so you can post stories where you are 👍🏽

  • Torres既然一直都保持沉默,不如做到盡,返埋大陸搵人仔, 再將啲錢捐去啲基金到。

  • English pub and club are the greatest innovation🤣🤣🤣

  • Real British and Irish don't need umbrella lol

  • Love your Video as usual😍

  • 這位是舐共youtuber 希望有良知的華人不要再看這頻道

    • 工啥小 傻狗

    • 咩叫良知你识条铁啊,我话你以耻为荣全华人之耻你自责无?!

  • Love your videos😎

  • It's quite cheap, I spent rmb 6300 for Manchester derby in 2018 and Pogba not showup in that game.

  • 返大灣區拍片啦垃圾

    • @Chris u don't care about me but u reply me ! U LMAO

    • @JJ CHAN 香港已是中國境外 因為港澳地區淘寶不包郵

    • 甘你lan出中国境内啦脑残!

    • No one cares about you

  • 6:37 once you go black

    • @Yuan Lee you will be suck?

    • Never go back?

  • Torres, welcome to my town. That's Albert Dock. Scourers can drink much and have you tried around the Irish pubs? You can take metro to leave from Anfleld to the City Centre. :P No Joke. I was shocked on the shot in which a lady with braces skirt in the snowing mid-night.

  • So Torres are you promoting your TikTok at your final post?

  • 片尾的花絮很有趣

  • hi torres did you make some friends in Liverpool/England who make funny vlogs like you? share to us!

  • Damn you truly live a life