MAD vs IW | 2021 MSI Groups Day 5

添加 2021年05月10日
VoD of MAD Lions vs. fastPay Wildcats
2021 Mid-Season Invitational

Casters: Pastrytime & Lyric
Analysts: Sjokz, Ender and Bwipo
Interview: Laure Valée with Farfetch

Full Line up:
MAD Lions Line up:
• Armut - Top Lee Sin
• Elyoya - Jungle Olaf
• Humanoid - Mid Zoe
• Carzzy - ADC Tristana
• Kaiser - Support Nautilus

fastPay WildCats Line up:
• StarScreen - Top Urgot
• Ferret - Jungle Volibear
• Serin - Mid Orianna
• HolyPhoenix - ADC Kai'Sa
• Farfetch - Support Leona

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  • its hard to say who carried Wildcats harder, Holyphoenix or Kaiser

  • coach mac's hair flex

    • @Christopher Thomas Definitely, I have been using Flixzone for months myself :D

    • a tip: watch movies at Flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

  • Just wonder why they made IW to be called for short of Fastpay wildcats... Shouldn't it be FW?

    • @Joey L. fastpay is sponsor tag, their sponsored name is fastpay wildcats the real name is istanbul wildcats actually

    • @TheExsniperxe ahh,thx the name is Istanbul wildcats

    • @Joey L. thats why they are IW

    • @Joey L. aahhhh look

    • @TheExsniperxe Probably, but I think flashwolves was already disbanded... Haven't heard anything about it for awhile

  • Have a nice day guys & weebs

  • Damn what a game for the wildcats. I'm starting to question that Lee sin pick. Olaf wasn't looking too hot late game either

  • Picking 0:57 Game Start: 8:15