Reacting to Every Single League of Legends Cinematic in 1 Sitting

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  • 11 years playing really? Sounds more like 2 weeks bruh

  • Am I wrong, or it's missing the one with Darius vs wolves?

  • We all want a Skarner cinematic!

  • What I learned from watching this is Pants thinks that gameplay is represented in the trailers

  • waste of time

  • remember when everyone thought zeed was useless and they played him bot?

  • mikas ftw


  • Pant barely knowing the lore at all hurts my soul

  • People getting mad at him cuz he doesn't know the lore or even the freaking champ. Lol same. I started playing on wild rift and learn a lot from pc and then move to pc.. Could say I'm new player but I have way more knowledge about lore cuz why not? The lore is good.. Sentinel tho

  • Idk bout u but i cant stop laughing on the old cinematic In the span of 10 yrs their animations r so gud now Wat about 10 years more

  • Release Kalitta was broken hahaha

  • 5:13 Katarina before her facial plastic surgery

  • @2:13 are those the original names of the characters on the top?

  • YESH

  • I don't want to hirt anyone... But this guy is just annoying as shit... Knows nothing at all, babbling about stuff that are not even funny. Stuck in Tyler1's ass the whole time... I wanted to watch cinematics and I got frustrated because of him watching this...

  • The link of original list? someone?

  • 02:30:48 damn, you really want some of that

  • One of the most uninterested reaction video I have seen. Quite irritating

  • Ühm Jinx is Litarally Harly Quinn from DC Not sure if Conectet to JAyce or Catilyn, but mostly all Piltover "Humans" are conectet to Caitlyn in one or another way xD

  • Miss Fortune is like Black Widow in Marvel.

  • gawr goomba

  • Idk man lost some respect for this guy because he knew of nothing for many trailers. It's kinda sad. As and season two started I reamber a lot of them and his oh it's this when it was something way off kinda tilted me and it's rather said.

  • I love how the Annie cinematic is so emotional and Pant's having best laugh of his life lmao

  • if you could like this 3hr video before seeing anything whatsoever that would be great

  • I really watched this whole thing only to see that he didnt watch the amumu one :I

  • reactions are dumpster tier. “Oh I remember this” “I watched a Necrit video, it was weird”

  • The ones that i can think of that werent shown in this video was the heimerdinger cinematic and the project warwick one

  • Did he miss Dominion cinematic?

  • To be honest braum is the perfect shepherd for Poros

  • old nunu&willump is NOT it

  • Typical Nunu main not knowing anything... It's a joke relax guys -_-

  • Him: Sees any big rock monster “Oh is that Malphite?”

  • 3:31 that's summoner spell ghost, he's going through units.

  • Pants: watches Annie cinematic Also pants: is this about Ivern?

  • In the 3rd trailer where they showcase all the weapons. At the top right on the wall of weapons is a banana for Soraka!

  • Tbh I didn't realize how annoying pants was until this video LOL

  • Bruh I thought he would know more for how long he’s played this game

  • Miss fortune has a captain miss fortune that's why she looks different

  • Respect that, you did watch all the cinematics but seriously your expressions and comments ..are ridiculous and annoying.

  • my brother played it since he was 7

  • 11:21 Garen looks a bit more lore accurate here. In the current game he's a wall of meat, which is cool, but in the comics he's more realistically macho

  • Pants: is that one of his abilities ? NO THATS GHOS5

  • You skipped Amumu ;(

  • Old lol > new lol

  • for the last time bro i won’t subscribe nor like the video until i watch it, enjoy the content and decide to do it omg

  • I think varus is the bow

  • I dont think he know anything he always say idont know and guess it wrong lol

  • Wow 😳 cool video 👍

  • i love how violent lol used to be and now its some kind of rainbow childish shit ...

  • 2:29:31 bruh he be vibin while im wheezing my ass off

  • "i don't know" and "i don't remember that"

  • I want a vanilla legue server where everything was op (atleast a fairly balancd patch) ex no invis sunfire. - kinda like pokemon unite is now. I miss ap YI etc.

  • I’m gonna ignore the fact this man just called nasus noxus

  • Morgana was from Demacia.

  • 24:29 Nautilus cinematic is so epic

  • 39:09 you mean no one plays sona anymore lol

  • So Pants, Seraphine's skin blew up in their face because of how she was portrayed to be more real despite being fictional. The fans of league absolutely didn't enjoy that move Riot done when promoting Seraphine and thus she's hated for that reason alone. And as a Sona main I can absolutely say she's not really a rip off of Sona. But yes it was mostly the Twitter thing.

  • Wasn’t the TF/Fiddle opening one the first that was multi-scene?

  • “ I know all the cinematics” proceeds to say he hasn’t seen any of them

  • Everything is connected to viego guys

  • Is it just me or does Irelia not look weird in Awaken? I think she looks beautiful.

  • They make good cinematics than fixing the cilent ,GJ!

  • Ok, where is "One More Time"? Kench was there but where is Aurelion? And this one with Trynda and Aatrox? I'm dissapointed and my day is ruined.

  • I can’t believe I was there for this entire video…. Wow… makes me feel really old.

  • Basically on varu's cinematic, those two warriors were a gay couple and they're the fusion of varus.

  • Let's be honest, the 3rd Star Guardian cinematic would've been infinitely better if Urgot came crashing through that wall with a unicorn horn and a miniskirt around each of his legs instead of basic bish ahri.

  • Awwww but I like annie's dad :( The nickname Firefly is so adorable just throwing that out there

  • “I didn’t listen to it so I don’t like it”

  • 9:20 is where it was at, the PRIME of league

  • Old cinematics of league is the same as MLBB now

  • 9 minutes into the video and I'm already in pain Edit: 12 minutes and I'm guessing Pants didn't do well at school

  • Cant believe you skipped amumu -sad mummy noises-

  • 1:27:41 Jokes on you, i got it for free and it was good xD

  • so funny that I watched all his guide videos and saw this video after

  • 1:18:00 he isnt lgbt he pierces and mixes 2 lgbt to use as body

  • That ryze run was defenetly ghost

  • This is agonizing, imagine having a carreer in lol and not knowing basic shit

  • "irelia with weird eyes" ... you mean... actually accurate-looking irelia, since she is supposed to be asian?

  • Theres something oddly wholesome and nice about seeing Pantsu just sitting with a huge smile enjoying some KDA

  • How can you be so annoying

  • "ooh this is from Legends of Runeterra!" Is like kids saying "ooh this is from Fortnite!"

  • He don't know so many things about league... Even I, who doesn't really pay attention on the background of a champion, knows what is right and wrong and it kinda pisses me off when he compare the skills of the champion in the game and the teasers... I dont really knows but it really pisses me off when I heard "Oh thats Ezreal's Q", "Oh look thats.." yea things like that...

  • pants is a gura shrimp good to know

  • Your skill ranking in LOL lore/cinematics is IRON 4 0 LP

  • Not everything’s about Viego. Also it’s the lack of lore knowledge for me like damn.

  • Literally Nasus speaking over the Shurima cinematic: Pants: Is ThAt ZeD?

  • he as a lol player and streamer doesnt know much about the classic old videos of lol really disappoints me

  • 12.20 imagine i rerol tryda skin =D

  • Man this guy legit just tilts the fuck out of me

  • roshan??

  • Vayne part?

  • Doesn't kench look like that big alien from Lilo and stitch

  • hard cap every ahri i see go agianst darius gets clapped

  • "is that a w? is that his ult, is that his q?" not everyhting in the cinematics are one to ones of the abilities in game, its quite teh opposite, the lore/idea/theme of a champ inspires the abilities

  • 25:15 Graves here looks like Goated captain price XD

  • "Ryze before his 3 reworks" I think there's been 8 actually...

  • Pants didn't react to nothing here but yeah its fine

  • 56:51 the what!? (btw i also sing this before when i go to a computer cafe after school)

  • Morg and Kayle in 2nd video were still two of the most powerful beings from other planet