(Shocked!)English VS German VS Japanese - The ULTIMATE Language comparison!!

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The first part of the video is inspired by www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jMdd...
Second part is original.


  • 托哥肥左

  • 1:04ピザハット=必勝客

  • Is that RIKO from the street challenge?

  • Very interesting, bro!

  • 那不是德国新娘嘛

  • 他の言語と一緒に聞くと自分の言語なのに違和感あるな

  • Tsyo tsyo sounds really bad in Spanish

  • anna is hot!!

  • German will always for the word sex.

  • Everybody here is for Riko-chan haha

  • 本片最精彩 10:14

  • Jokes on GG, battling against a Japanes with rock, paper, scissors

  • After all, shouldn't the South African woman who appeared on this channel also speak Afrikaans?

  • ケンチキなんて言わねぇよw どこの地方だよw

  • Though I'm Japanese, I’ve never heard “Kenntsiki“ literally.Maybe it depends on where we live.I usually just say ケンタッキー (“Kentucky“).

  • It sounded like Georgia pronounced VolksWagen not in Engish but in Afrikaans manner, which sounded even more "German" than the native German, with "V" sounding [f] and "g" something like [kh]. In American English it's much smoother, "V" is [v] (like "w" in German) and "g" as in "get". The Japanese pronunciation copies the American one.

  • 有创意,好看!

  • She's an English speaking South African - so it shouldn't really count? Saying BMW in Afrikaans is similar to German.

  • Anna is cute thou

  • cntost.info/round/xIp3mYmdg96ni6o/sh-p-n

  • Would have been great if anna used hospital, no one would have guessed it

  • りこかわいいー

  • ボルクスワーゲン? フォルクスワーゲンでは

  • I am reading aloud scary stories in Japanese. My CNtost channel name is "岡 勝秀の 怖い話の朗読". I hope you enjoy it.

  • ケンチキは聞いたことない

  • ケンチキは聞いたことないwww

  • Well Japanese literally came from Chinese so lol

    • What? Where did you get that wrong information? Japanese language is originally started in Japan and totally different from Chinese. Japanese and Chinese even belong to different laungage families. Both countries exchange many loan words, and Japanese uses Chinese “characters” because they didn’t have own characters for script at first.But the language itself is totally different.

  • Is that kinda make fun of Japanese ?

  • 面白い発音なんだろうなぁ…

  • 找到anna ig😘😘 anna_theresa_king

  • I find chinese somehow the most weirdly sound, perhaps since this language is not part of indo-..

  • 何故、中国語訳!

  • 03:04 I just picture Kiara

  • The first one I was waiting for someone to say Macca’s but I guess I seen a lot of Australian videos

  • McDonald is a persons name lol

  • ケンチキってなんやwww

  • I admire japanese ❤

  • Which German is saying ''KeNtUcKy FrIeD cHicKeN'' like wtf

  • butterfly is jojo?

  • Hiii

  • おもろいチャンネル見つけたw

  • 宝马的中文意思用英文解释得不对哦,应该是名贵的骏马,包含了价值昂贵和外形俊美和性能优异这几个意思。马和车都是交通工具,用宝马作为BMW的中文翻译这是给BMW很高的荣誉。所以英文的解释绝对不是马的宝藏。

  • Man you can see the language evolution in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese.

    • Japanese is not technically related to Mandarin and Cantonese, although it contains a lot of Chinese loan words.

  • 1:23 0:46

  • 您英语说得很好,我喜欢您的口音。

  • 请问一下,您是老师吗?

  • Riko senpaiiiiii

  • 大眾唔係叫福士咩

  • 究竟Audi正確讀音係咩

  • 香港人都係叫pizza黑

  • 每次Torres有女嘉賓的時候GG都故意打扮得很好看

    • Every time when Torres has female guests in his video, GG becomes more well-dressed than usual.

  • 點解有啲要講國語?

  • ケンチキなんか聞いた事ないぞ笑

  • no entiendo porque me gusta tanto la Japonesa, en su forma de hablar o el idioma, no sé, todo es muy dulce y espectacular de una manera muy tierna. Aprenderé su idioma, a pesar de tener mas parentela Alemana, es raro, pero me preferiría hablar Japonés

    • @至福の笑 励ましに感謝します。私はすでに言語と仕事で努力しています。

    • 頑張ってくださいね☺

  • Good video

  • 0:45 no we don't. We just say KFC(English)🤣

  • 5:54 einfach asiatischen realife spongebob gefunden

  • Geez I can't take my eyes off Riko San !!!!

  • 神奇的演算法帶我來看這影片,我看到了原來不管是動物或車子都可以當Vtuber

  • 全員美しい!

  • 我不當人類啦!02:24 !!!

  • 2:09 Anna and Torres hand size almost matching haha 8:28 sounds like he's imitating indian accent 8:47 They actually all got TsingTao right, anna and GG sounds like Mandarin and riko is the cantonese

    • 2:14 Oooh ni ! xD

    • clearly never heard indian accent lol

  • y would u say mandarin dafuq

  • 日本語がオチ担当w

  • 都好美

  • Omg this video was on my recommended and I realised just now you are the former fat guy! Good content!

  • 日本がオチになってる(;゚Д゚)

  • 2:27 JOJO

  • 5:51 Not trying to be rude but my guy built like a minecraft character 😂

  • I loved the video!! 😃💝✨

  • I wonder how people communicate without an international language during the ancient times.. just wondering. Like when Europeans went to asia, so on and so forth....

  • haha riko's English isn't like a japenese

  • Hi ist anna single ?

  • "hú dié" looks like "you die".

  • the south african girl pronounced the Volkswagen sooooooo afrikaans..... xD

  • 福士

  • 大眾系大陸叫法,香港叫福士的

  • Volkswagen香港唔係叫福士咩? >

  • Lucky guy taste different woman

  • Hello Anna long time no see

  • why bringing english and german at the same time? i mean english is germanic language as well

  • 1:08 NA`VI Ilya " Perfecto " Zalutskiy lmao

  • 日本語を勉強する人です(動く!)

  • ケンチキってなに(笑)

  • The German girl is so pretty. I just want to take her home.

  • Riko-chan 🥰

  • and all afraid russia

  • I'm impressed how similar the German phonetic is to Portuguese.

  • 왜 데이브꺼 딿앟함?

  • That white girl not from SA

    • Why are black people always so racist against white South Africans?

  • 日本人は小さいです

  • 宝马你给翻译成马宝你也是挺可以的

  • Deutsche Frauen sind ausgezeichnet Sieht schlau aus Sie ist schön und attraktiv

  • けんちきってなんだ??

  • しゃんくぉんしゃぇうぇん

  • Can I have the German lady Facebook? Bitte

  • まくふぉなるど

  • 互联赛前期

  • I would marry that Japanese Lady, oh my dear, she is so cute :O Greetings from Germany

  • The German girl so cute and pretty 😍😘

    • beim fli fla flu war ich raus