Story of League of Legends Explained

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  • Just emagine Riot decided to make a Runeterra cinematic universe

  • I don't need sleep i need answers

  • So basically Lissandra is lol's Azshara Ans Ryze is cataclysm's Thrall Viego is somehow Arthas Icathia's king is Gul'dan ..

  • Hol up I skipped like 50 chapters 273 episodes we're just jumping onto the story of league

  • I dont read lore that much.. but I hope they can cover it with their mmorpg

  • all i ask is a series of Runeterra, It will be a hit 100%

  • Demacia?

  • What is the name of the app or manga plz?

  • 2:29

  • The lore really reminds me of an expanded dark souls

  • "The days of bad lore are over" *laughs in ruination event*

  • Why is nasus not a darkin?

  • why is he screaming all the time?

  • So why can't the watchers just destroy it from the outside

  • I’m new to runeterra with wild rift and wild rift doesn’t offer easy access to the lore like pc league 😭 thanks for this video but I have so many questions.

  • So basically, all of this started because a bunch of eldritch beings wanted to go back to sleep. I would be pissed too if someone shine a light directly when Im sleeping

  • where are dungeons and dragons comments ?

  • If the league of legends has a cinematic movie

  • Where did you find those? New subscriber

  • what model is used for the watcher?

  • Jdvdhxhd

  • why do the watchers want to fight a planet

  • ليش تصارخ طيب صدعتنا؟

  • Quick reminder this is a game😏❤️

  • Riot now makes an animated series but limited themselves to piltover jinx/vi Find it somehow sad after seeing this. They could have expanded it so much more, i hope that they wont only focus on these two champs with the time

  • Please update it , I am eagerly waiting

  • deadass how do u just randomly lose the world runes

  • Did you really use mass effect galaxy map theme at the begining?

  • When a multiplier game has better story than a storyline based game

  • Imagine if Rockstar made an open world game in the LoL universe 😳

  • Watchers just want to get back to sleep.

  • c'thun is exist everywhere huh

  • imagine they make a game like witcher in lol world INVEST

  • *Lol story exist* ML: what you Had story?

  • And ur telling me teemo is just thing piece of lies xD

  • Where is teemo? I only came her for teemo >:c

  • Now check dark souls lore

  • This gives me hope that riot's MMO will absolutely crush the competition. Blizzard needs to be anhilated for their lack of adaptation and refusal to give fans a game worthy of the revenue they bring in.

  • How could you wake up from an "eternal" sleep??? Doesn't that imply that the sleep was not eternal?

  • How can you be nightmarish AND shapeless???

  • I don't get why the awesomely powerful *"Celestials"* don't just ascend all mortals themselves, why do they have to delegate it to mortals if they are so overpowered? Because they're too big for Runeterra? Do any of them not know they can use their broken ass reality warping powers to I dunno...change their size to something smaller while still being way more powerful than any ascended mortal and just be done with this whole dumb creating an army of overpowered, shonen/isekai anime protagonists plan?

    • @Cye Probably about the same as it is now, but with less micromanaging for the Celestials, also a populace of empowered mortals could better hold their ascended leaders accountable for their actions because they wouldn't hold all the power within themselves as overpowered godlike beings.

    • There's also a reason why the class system exists. People who are powerful are given high status and can change the lives of the people beneath their rank, either of good or bad. What would happen if all those people, your friends and enemies, have powers and a status equal to gods?

  • Netflix aint wasting time broooo

  • hoooool! ty jsi čech?!

  • Sol in the story: literally created the universe Also Sol in game: haha stars go brrrr

  • Nasus in the lore:Wisest Players who pick nasus in ranked: avg 40 iq

  • Can someone tell me the lore behind why champions fight to protect towers and the crystal core. Or why some champions work together even though they are complete opposites.

    • Summoners rift is not canon it's just like a all brawl out for the characters

  • If i was a watcher and a random light shitted my sleep i'd be wrecking the universe.

  • It would be so extremly cool if we had any kind of series about the whole league story. i would watch it no matter the lenght of it, as long as it has the whole story covered. AND THE THING IS, RIOT MAKES SUCH GOOD ANIMATIONS, BUT DOESNT MAKE A SERIES! ;(

  • Why can you start anywhere when azir or mordekaiser should be dead already?

  • I just want to know how Mordekaiser compares to the Ascended in power.

  • imagine that theres a little girl with purple hair in front of you and she just says: so yeah i can solve all of your problems and im about 1500 old

  • What if the runes in the lore are the runes ingame

  • Hey in here you make it sound like Lissandra was just trying to save everyone, but in the wiki it says that she's working to being the watchers back. I'm confused.

  • 15:57 wink

  • "things that inside the nothing thought" "what??!?"

  • wtf?! 15:57

  • go to 0:06 for complete summary

  • Laughing in Morde rework

  • this does not make ay since to me at all

  • The accent.

  • The lore for LoL used to be really interesting. Now they just throw champs in that have nothing to do with the lore to appeal to weebs for money. It's so sad, tbh. The game went from a MOBA with rich lore and characters that make sense for being there to basically an anime fighter MOBA.

  • After this video, Demacia doesn’t seems that bad hating magic after all. However, discrimination isn’t good either.

  • cant wait for riot to make a campaign/story mode for league in the next 10 years or so

  • Lissandra is the key

  • All this cause the Watchers wanted some more sleep... BRUH. Not that I blame them. It made the League of Legends. Hue Hue.

  • I want more! my friends get on me for being a nerd but bro I love this crap! this stuff is always so interesting

  • Necrit: the days of bad lore are gone. Seraphine: makin' it up as it goes

  • That WoW music in the background. Love it.

  • No offense but I wish the narrator had a cool midevil voice

  • Wow! The voice is so annoying but the whole thing is so well done. I cant listen to it but i have to know!

  • Imagine an mmo or any story based game set in runeterra

    • Ruined King?

  • Back when ashe gained extra gold and had instant crit

  • Starts @ 2:27

  • the watchers "wake me up inside! call my name and save me from the dark" *spark appears* "omg so annoying, turn that damn light off!"

  • I like your videos, but your accent is pretty thick. I have a hard time understanding you. The closed captions toggle works for the most part, but it misses a few key words. Like the section where you talk about whatever fizz' people are called. Do you think you could include a link to a transcript of your videos or something? No flame, you're doing great work

  • I wanna watch this but im sorry im so sorry your voice is just you lnow not that suitable for speaking or narrating sorry

  • Misunderstandings.. goodness

  • 2018 Rise Music Video = symbolic Mount Targon.

  • I can't ignore the fact that the eye at 3:12 it's C'thun's eye from wow

  • I don’t play league, but I came here to get familiar with lore because of LoR. This story is amazing.

  • I've been playing League for almost a year now and I immediately loved the lore. I've read so much and watched so many lore videos and I was still surprised a couple times while watching the video. Great work Necrit :D

  • i love that you used the wow old god eye to represent the watchers of the void

  • Top 5 Deep lore of champions 5: Nautilus 4: Nautilus 3: Nautilus 2: Gragas 1: Nautilus Deep

  • imagine not playing this in 2009

  • Modern Runeterra is like Alita Battle Angel world except it was full of fucked up beings


  • Is this all still accurate 2021

  • 14:54 nasus went into hiding what he actually did: tp bot to afk farm and scale

  • And yet kaisa is somewhat uncorrupted by the void/magic of the watchers

  • *watches entire video* after: wait what

  • Necrit reads a lot so you dont have to.

  • he sounds like @jorraptor

  • Is it just me or is music for the beggining of time from Mass Effect?

  • Reality exists Watchers : And I took that personally

  • The true question: Is runeterra flat?

  • Riot should do an animated series. I mean they already have a HUGE world built up with now over 150 characters. Their animation is simply amazing, why not make a series? I feel like there's way too much stuff to cover even in a 3 hour movies so a series would be much better. I mean... It's easy money.

    • Arcane

  • If this was real life imagine the power or skill or form or talent you can do so much untapped power

  • It starts here 2:31

  • So is the lore any good tho?

  • How can we read those ??