C9 vs TL | Week 1 | LCS Summer Split | Cloud9 vs Team Liquid (2021)

添加 2021年06月 6日
VOD of Cloud9 vs Team Liquid
LCS Summer Split 2021

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  • Every time I saw Lulu trade with Sylas in the early game, she missed her Glitterlance. Really need to work on that aim 🎯.

  • cool

  • where's zven?

  • What the fudge is the commentator talking about ?

  • Not really a fan of this meta

  • cool

  • King also was lucky always in top team in opl, FBI most times in weak team , but he still done very well in OPL . But King still is a good player, Fudge was very very good as well

  • cntost.info/round/yZiH1maci8duesQ/sh-p-n&ab_channel=GG%21Esports-LoLEsportVodsGG%21Esports-LoLEsportVods

  • Ah yes, the cringiest caster duo

  • Why lol esport didnt have global ban system?

    • wdym? Global bans like how? Some champs are sometimes globally banned because of bugs, but do you want something more than that?

  • Top gap

  • @3:49 ..... Facepalm moment

  • Why does Silas get to heal on his dash attack lol

    • Imo Sylas is in a good place now. The healing was stupid when he was released, but it's pretty ok rn. Makes for situations like that 1v2 with Voli and Leona where they don't have damage to kill him, exactly what a bruiser should be able to do.

    • @trdl23 when thinking of melee style battle mages kassa comes to mind hes rougue style this is dps version

    • @ritoxic So are other melee mages, though? Hell, some of whom don't even have escapes.

    • @Olivier Ganjoueff Yeah, I was too simplistic. He's an AP melee so it isn't like he can build Bloodthirster or some other lifesteal. I just think the scaling is off.

    • @trdl23 he can only sustain if he hits an enemy in melee range as a melee mage if he uses his E he has no escape

  • Why they are 13-7? Are they not resetting the first split? How does this work?

    • @TheGamingBeast also 8 team can qualify for playoffs

    • The spring split carries over now instead of just resetting like previous years

  • Perkz top lane?

    • Gwen good into melee, bad into ranger. They expected lulu mid

    • Sylas beats lulu

    • @Stefan Ivanov she can’t do anything vs ranged it feels so bad

    • Gwen is bad vs ranged top laners, i guess

  • Alphari?

    • He got benched

    • Alphari got benched for Jenkins after Week1 Day 1 match vs TSM

    • He got benched

    • I was also wondering where he is. He is notorious for beating Fudge so hard over and over.