Dvořák: 9. Sinfonie (»Aus der Neuen Welt«) ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Andrés Orozco-Estrada

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Antonín Dvořák: 9. Sinfonie (»Aus der Neuen Welt«) ∙

I. Adagio - Allegro molto ∙
II. Largo ∙
III: Scherzo. Molto vivace ∙
IV. Allegro con fuoco ∙

hr-Sinfonieorchester - Frankfurt Radio Symphony ∙
Andrés Orozco-Estrada, Dirigent ∙

hr-Sinfoniekonzert ∙
Alte Oper Frankfurt, 25. Mai 2018 ∙

Website: www.hr-sinfonieorchester.de ∙
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  • Genial...

  • 42:54

  • Revelation. Outstanding music

  • The second movement is sublime - just wonderfull. ♥️

  • I love the music and the conductor’s smile.

  • Amazing!

  • 23:03 As a violist, it was my dream to play this…

  • 29:31 the feeling is ...

  • Adagio 0:23 Largo 13:00 Molto vivace 26:18 Allegro con fuoco 34:04

  • Bravissimo!

  • Movement 2 especially feels like it belongs in an 'Ambience of The Shire' mix

  • 3rd movement sounds like it could be in final fantasy. Dope af

  • In these troubled times, this is the symphony which separates the evolved from the devolved.

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  • This is my first youtube comment. Long time ago, I went to study in the US by myself from China when i was a kid and heard this performance live at school. Absolutely stunned, shocked and fell in love with this piece. I cried at the concert and still want to cry everytime I listen to it. Later I found out the background of the composer and this symphony. I thought it must be the power of music that connects me with the composer and with everyone who listens to it...now Im listening to the performance when my daughter is sleeping next to me..life goes on and I cant wait to show the music to her. I am very grateful that i got to know this symphony. Among all the music pieces i love, this one is special as the interpretation of the symphony is very personal.

    • Very nicely written, I like this piece a lot too.

  • 34:08 POV: you are a pirate made out of rubber and you are punching a reptile made out of sand

  • Anyone knows who's this flute player is at 19:28 in the middle wearing glasses with darker hair?? I doubt that I know him but he look so familiar. I must have seen him somewhere else before.

  • The conductor is a genius! This music takes me to paradise!

  • Ich liege gerade in den Seychellen am Strand mit meiner Bluetoothbox und genieße den Sonnenuntergang mit dieser wunderbaren Symphonie, was kann es noch besseres geben!?

    • Gönn dir 😌 gibt nix schöneres als ein solches Ambiente mit dieser Musik 👍

  • 34:20 when you finally confront your schoolyard rival in the second part of the season 1 finale 39:56 _Long. Live. The King!_

  • Long one of my all time favorite pieces

  • I dont know how I never encountered this amazing piece of beautiful, glorious music until now, but has instantly flung itself to the top of my favorites. Those first few minutes...rarely does any composition actually bring a scene to my mind from just the sound of it...but all I could envision was a ship caught at sea in a truly magnificent tempest, the ebb and flow of the intensity of the piece like the calm patches between the sudden monstrous waves when it peaks again. And the second half of the first movement...a grand hunt, the thrill of the chase, both invigorating and stressful, as if seen from the view of the hunters, and the quarry in sequence.

  • Beautiful 🥰

  • Fabulous rendition!

  • haachama sunday

  • I remember when some people went to my school to play music like this, I couldn´t stop laughing at the man dancing infront of everyone

  • Haha reptile vs mammal go classic

  • Esta sinfonía DVORJACK son mis preferidos, por la mágica combinación de sonidos e instrumentos y, además, por recoger el espíritu europeo del norte y los folclores norteamericanos más expresivos de su época. Este compositor, para mí, es un genio y los músicos y director de orquesta maravillosos. La he escuchado desde mis quince años y voy por los ochenta y me gusta escucharla siempre que puedo. MUCHAS GRACIAS.

  • 34:00

  • 34:06

  • Grande musica, non ci si stanca mai di ascoltarla!

  • Браво дирижеру и музыкантам!

  • INTENSITY - 45 seconds of complete awkward silence - MOAR MUSIC I love these old traditions lol.

  • To prawdziwa symfonia, doskonała z Nowego świata bardzo ją lubię.

  • 인들의, 말살때까지, 주식량 생산을 못하게 ,통제관리에 집중해야 겠어요., &전부사수해서,타국 인들, 식량처로 날려보내서 관리하도록 하고,이동&운송경로를 새롭게, 개편해서 배로,심플하게 하는것이 좋겠어요, 이미, 일전에 전달한것과 같네요., 타국에서 이미 준비하고 있군요., 목축지정곳은, 북에다 하기로 했군요., 준비&세팅이 완료되어야 국내 식량생산곳을 끊을수 있겠네요.

  • 건물을 부술필요가없고, 식량생산곳을 전부 찾아서, 통제관리하고, 샅샅히 찾아서 없애는 방법이 빠르겠네요., 생활조성과 같네요, 주식량을 집중으로, 사수통제 하고,재배지와, 논&밭 들을, 초토화시켜야 하겠네요., 자동자멸 되도록 하는것입니다., 생활조성과 직관련으로, 타국 군들과 주식량부터, 준비관리해야되겠네요.

  • Fantástica dirección !

  • This is so much better than the Talib@n!

  • Calmest existing classical music 13:00

  • My favourite symphony 😍

  • Wow so good how many things Star Wars inspires

  • Beautiful Sinfonie

  • Einfach Wundervoll! - Simply amazing!

  • Ihr wart doch alle auf koks und crack das gibt eine anzeige 👎👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Quintessential music for unwinding tensions after any hectic engagement...ideal for thinkers.

  • Excelência

  • the older bassoonist...he looks like the funnest guy on the planet!

  • This is one of my favorite pieces and there are many things going on at a high level here, but I have to say: The camera work is on point here, giving emphasis to the right instruments at the right time, while smoothly transitioning between them and now I enjoy this piece even more.

  • The performance of the orchestra is simply wonderful!

  • Alguien más viene por Migala?

  • Exelente

  • Wer ist auch nur wegen Musikunterricht hier ?

  • ⚘⚘⚘СПАСИБО ⚘⚘⚘

  • Hah the flautist looks like Dvorak!:)

  • Sorry, but I can't stop seeing the Barbie and Dragon scenes while listening to this...

  • Allegro con fuoco 😳 amazing

  • Very well executed.

  • I love at the end of these videos when you get to see the musicians smile and take in the applause for all the hard work they've done. It makes me so happy.

  • Such a vibrant and robust delivery.

  • 34:20 when you finally confront your schoolyard rival in the second part of the season 1 finale 39:56 _Long live the King!_


  • P

  • 이야... 더블베이스 다 줄 5개짜리네...

  • Bravissimi! Senza parole! Irraggiungibili!!!!

  • not me here cause of obey me

  • Hermoso!!!!

  • Maestro Estrada is truly a genius. Love this wonderful ochestra!

  • This music was used as background music to the film 'Television Comes to London' made in 1937 showing the reconstruction of the Worlds first high definition BBC television transmitter. This is fantastic!

  • Audition excerpts for myself, 8:28 18:39 20:28 28:25 (lmao this one totally gives away my instrument) 28:39

  • you had me at 1:13

  • The second movement is one of the great musical narratives. The sequence of events tells an amazing story of delight and transformation. It is hard to imagine that Dvorak's greatest moments of inspiration took place on 17th Street and Second Avenue.

  • Without USA , these would have been no this masterpiece

  • ?????

  • 1ñpp1

  • Großartig!

  • Hallo Herr Kessler , bitte traumatisierten sie uns nicht .

  • Hallo Herr Kessler , dieses Musikstück ist Müll. 😉

  • einfach GENIAL!!!!!!

  • Bissl traurig, dass es ausgerechnet von diesem Konzert keine CD gibt.

  • More noise than music! Too bad because this combination orchestra/Estrada is generally so nuanced.

  • Absolutely wonderful and impeccable performance. Full of emotion. Thank you for posting.

  • magnificent !! これほど素晴らしいドヴォルザークのSym. 9  を聞いたことはありません。 2ndmovement の 一瞬の静寂の箇所でいつも泣いてしまいます。 何があっても、自分なりに頑張ろうと思わせてくれる秀逸の名曲です。疲れた時、つらい時にこそ聞きたくなるお守りの曲。 その中でも 最高の名演奏でした! ありがとうございます!

  • Anyone else here from Obey Me?😅

  • 👏👏👏

  • 지휘자 정청인줄

  • Estupenda pieza musical, una de mis favoritas. Gracias por compartirla. Saludos desde Ciudad de Guatemala.

  • Am i the only one here from lucifer 🌚

  • this is one of my favorite symphonies 👌

  • HR-Sinfonieorchester and Andrés Orozco-Estrada you are Simply the Best !!! …You make me have a wounderful moment ! Thanks a lot ! Githama ML (Creator of the Immersion Program "Coaching your Inner Being“ ) , Classical Music Lover and one of the founding members of the Rufous College Orchestra. Andrés Please receive a hug full of admiration from Colombia and very soon from Australia !

  • I remember playing this in our school orchester. I was blasting my Euphonium like a mad man at the 4th movement XD

  • It’s so cool that the orchestra in Lupin played this in the finale!

  • Please... new world....

  • Dvorak: un verdadero genio musical!

  • 34:10

  • 18:49 la parte más hermosa !

  • Bisher war die Interpretation dieser Sinfonie durch Karajan für mich der absolute Gipfel. In dieser Aufführung entdeckte ich einige Passagen noch einmal wie neu. Insgesamt: mit Karajan unbedingt ebenbürtig. - Und Dvorak: Man sollte ihm den Platz einräumen, der ihm gebührt - er gehört unter die "Top Ten" der Musikgeschichte, in Augenhöhe mit Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms.

    • Aber da gibt es doch gar keine Widerspruch. In bester Form (und das ist er oft) ist Dvorak ein ganz Großer. Die siebte Sinfonie ist auch so ein Meisterwerk, konzentrierter noch. Und auch schön, dass die Menschen noch gute Musik lieben.

  • Without No 9、and these magnificent performers with exquisite skill and incomparable technology , the music world would have been very lonely and insipid , and the enjoyment and pleasures of the classical music would have been less , and I would feel that the classical music world is like the taste of vapid beer

  • Hearing this at the end of Lupin really topped the show for me. Bravo, can't wait for Part 3!

  • 27:04 Beethoven???